Critical Understandings for Spiritual Growth

  1. You are not a human body or human mind.  You have a human body and a mind, and you can watch the human animal like a lovable pet. Part of our duty while we’re here is to take care of the pet.
  2. Happiness is Within You, not something you gain externally.  Happiness does not come from outside you.
  3. Nothing causes anything
  4. Judgment day is every day
  5. All of the Power and all of the Glory is God’s.  Without God, not even a speck of dust moves.
  6. Everything belongs to God
  7. Peace is Within.  The Kingdom of God is Within.
  8. God is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient
  9. You serve the world not by what you have or do but by what you have become.
  10. What you are is invisible and cannot be pointed at.
  11. Life is for fun.  You are free to sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.
  12. The world is perfect as it is, and offers maximum opportunity to undo our negative karma, sow seeds of positive karma, and to purify and ultimately transcend the ego.
  13. Unconditional Love is a realistic spiritual goal.
  14. Human birth is a great gift and not be squandered or taken for granted.  Straight and narrow is the way – waste no time!
  15. Everything is God.
  16. Everything that happens is for good.  It is all for the best!  It is all God’s Will.
  17. The intellect and the use of reason can only take us so far on the spiritual journey – at some point intellectually understanding must be surrendered to God.  Love is beyond the capacity of the human mind to fully comprehend.
  18. We are not separate.  There is only the One and we share in it.
  19. To have peace in the world, we must first have peace within ourselves.  Charity begins at home.  Everything begins at home.
  20. Even a trashcan can be seen as beautiful.  A weed can be seen as a divine sculpture, as can a tissue popping out of tissue box.
  21. Christ is within every one of us.
  22. There is no evil – there is only ignorance.  The only sin is ignorance.  Everyone is doing the best they can, and if they knew better they would do better.
  23. Reality moves from perfect to perfect, from complete to complete.
  24. There are and have been legitimate spiritual teachers who came to know the Reality of God directly and lived in that state – such an awareness and state is available to all of us.  In this lifetime or another, enlightenment is our destiny.
  25. Adversities are blessings in disguise. The purpose of them is to burn our ego, to awaken us to the reality of Love and free us from the illusion of selfishness and separateness.

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