Keys to Success on the Spiritual Journey

  1.  Accept completely that the Spiritual Goal is the highest goal for a human to set.  It is worth absolutely anything and everything.  The return for the goal is Unconditional Happiness, Supreme Peace, knowing fully the Truth which is Infinite Love via direct experience.
  2. To re-iterate, the highest goal is worth absolutely any price.  It is certainly worth giving away all of your money, clothing, and all other possessions.  It is worth severing all relationships and quitting your job.  It is worth going for days without food and water.  It is worth not speaking for months.
  3. Just because the Spiritual Goal is worth giving up absolutely everything – even life itself – it does not mean that one will ever actually need to give up anything.  The giving up is really a shift in attitude rather than some external action in the world.  You can still have your car, all you’re giving up is your attachment to the car.  You give up the idea that your happiness is dependent on the car, and you accept that you can be and are happy with or without a car.  If it comes, let it come, if it goes, let it go.
  4. Don’t be either attached or averse to anything.  If someone wants to give you $100, why stop them?  Or if someone wants to rob you and beat you, what’s the difference? Surrender knowing what is right and what is wrong, at least surrender intellectually knowing anything.  The human mind, by itself, is incapable of discerning truth from falsehood.  So don’t get caught in thinking  – period.  Instead of thinking – know.  Allow the Truth to flow through you.  Note: communication can still happen without thinking.  Currently, with these words, there is not much thinking but rather just effortless flow.  Communication is natural and happens automatically when necessary.  The internal and unseen intention matters greatly more than any external actions.  What are you to think that money is good or bad, or food, or clothing, or shelter, or one job or another?  What can know anything truly except that which is Omniscient?
  5. Take care of the fear of death as soon as you can.  Realize it is not to be feared.  Accept completely that the body is born and dies, and by God’s Grace you are beyond that.  Even if you were not beyond that, either way – the death of that which is born is inevitable.  So why get caught up in it? What a waste!  One good way to address the fear of death is to meditate on it.  Just sit and imagine your own death and be present with it.  Rest assured, humanity has gotten along quite well for thousands of years without us.  Live your best life now with no regrets.  In one single moment, with supreme dedication and devotion, we can undo all the negativity of the past, and be free to be our very best, to love everything to the fullest.
  6. Close to the fear of death is the fear of poverty.  So you can do yourself a favor and embrace poverty now.  Live on less and come to know via direct experience that you don’t need nearly as much to live and thrive as society might have programmed us to believe.  Live on rice and beans, or apples and cheese, 500-1000 calories a day for 1 month.  Sure, you might lose some weight, but you’ll also lose a ton of fear and grow in love and appreciation for life.  It can be hard to appreciate life if we are operating with the illusion that we need so much to feel healthy and good.  When we discover that we need very little to live and feel great – when we discover the Kingdom of God is Within – well then…that’s worthy of a Hallelujah!
  7. All fear is an illusion – walk straight ahead, committed to spiritual truth, no matter what.  Fear not.  You don’t actually have to do any lifestyle experimentation to overcome fears.  You can do it all within.  So you don’t have to give everything or live on two types of food – just internally give up the attachment to those things as a source of happiness, and remember that happiness is always within and does not come from outside you.  Just keep walking straight ahead toward the Truth, fearing nothing.
  8. Willingness.  Be Willing to give it all for the Highest Good.  Accept whatever comes to you.  Give up trying to change and control other people.  Just accept what is, and be willing. Willing to love, willing to learn, willing to serve.  Willing to give it all for the Supreme!

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