What to do with this Sacred Gift of Life?


Learn from the Great Ones: Jesus, Buddha, Krishna.

Study the lives of the saints and sages.

Set your sights on the highest human ideal and go for it.

Focus on becoming an exceptional human being, an embodiment of Love, rather than doing or acquiring anything.

Seek to understand the Truth of the Great Ones not intellectually but via direct experience.

Close your eyes and sit in stillness in silence.  Focus on the back of the eyelids.  Just sit and witness.  Become aware of that which is witnessing.  Go back and beneath the thoughts to the source of experiencing itself.  Come to know via direct experience the Source of Life and Existence.  Know that by knowing which all else is known.  Know that which is everywhere and always present.

Forgive everyone and everything.  Pray for forgiveness, for healing, for love, for peace, for freedom.  Ask, “What serves the Highest Good?” and live the answer to the very best of your ability.

Seek to be a channel for Divine Love.

Serve the entire creation by performing the smallest acts with the greatest love.  Close a door with the deepest gratitude.  Throw away a piece of trash with utmost sincerity.  Treat each sip of water as a sacrament.  Take nothing for granted.  Cherish everything as a gift from the Most High.

Whatever you do, be of service.  Even in sleeping and eating and using the bathroom, dedicate those actions to the service and benefit of all.  Always remember the Highest Goal and the Highest Ideal.  Remember the sacredness of life.  “Everything is sacred under the big blue dome.”

Appreciate the intrinsic beauty in everyone and everything.  Become aware of the aliveness of the trees and plants.  Bless all forms of life.

Watch the Divine Play.  Allow yourself to watch the Divine Show without getting involved in it.  Know yourself to be beyond anything that can be seen or touched.  You are the permanent witness, unchanging.

Give, give, give.  Live only to serve.  Giving brings harmony.  Just love and give.

Seek to perfect the relationship with God.  More and more, acknowledge that which is always and everywhere present, and live with Supreme Dedication and Devotion to That.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!



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