What is the Ideal Education? Part 2

Hallelujah ūüôā

The Ideal Education is the Truth, the Supreme Truth.

As Jesus says, “You shall know the Truth, and the Truth shall set you Free.”

The Ideal Education is the Truth, and we know it is the Truth because it sets us Free.

Free from what? Free from fear, free from worry, free from anxiety, free from the burden of opinions and judgments, and free from any and all negativity.  It also sets us free to unconditionally and universally love, free to enjoy the fullness of every single moment.  Free to be happy always!

Whatever you feel bound by – the ideal education sets you free from that.

The ideal education is the Truth which frees us from the burdens of trying to please the entire world.  It sets us free from all illusion and all ignorance.  It sets us free from all mental anguish and suffering.  The Truth is a light which removes all the darkness of ignorance.  Instead of going around in the darkness of judging and condemning, the light shines and we see that are all are intrinsically innocent, just as innocent as little babies, only in bigger bodies now.

What is it that you want most?  The ideal education gives you exactly that.

Notice, what you want most is given to you by the ideal education.  It is not that ideal education shows you how to get what you want, but it actually gives it to you directly.  How could that be?  Because, truthfully, what you want is no different from what everyone else on the planet wants.  You can call it whatever name you like, but it something like Рhappiness. Peace. Love. Joy. Truth. Freedom. Fulfillment. Success.  That.  We all want it, and having it is not dependent on the external world.  In truth, we already have that which we seek.  In fact, we actually already are that which we seek.  We are that Love, that Peace, that Happiness.  The ideal education guides us to realize that great truth directly, beyond a shadow of a doubt.

The end of all the wanting is the happiness.  We thinking gaining things externally will lead to a sublime,internal state, when really that sublime, internal state is already present within us, and we can tune into it simply by giving attention to it.   The ideal education empowers us to give full attention to that Kingdom of Happiness within us at all times, in all circumstances, no matter what.


Furthermore, the ideal education does not come from anything specific, but rather it comes from the whole, directly, all the time. ¬†Now we are getting into the nature of Reality…

The world, as it is, is perfect Рand every moment it is offering everyone a perfect opportunity to grow in lovingness and service, in unity and oneness with all.  The opportunity is always presenting itself, and it is just a matter of how long the ego is going to hold on.

The ideal education is upon you, now.  And, it has always been upon you.  Reality as a whole is the perfect educator, and offers everything to free from all desires, to free you from all burdens, all fears, all longings and cravings.

Notice how you can look at anything and learn from it. ¬†Any and every physical, inanimate object offers us the opportunity to see beauty in it, and thus serves as a great teacher of revealing the intrinsic beauty in all things. ¬†Beauty is not dependent on the external, but upon the internal. ¬†All things, by virtue of the nature of their existence and creation, can be known as beautiful – whether a garbage can or a flower. ¬†Beauty is equally present because all things are equally created by the One Supreme – all-powerful, all-knowing, everyone and always present. ¬†Everything is of That! ¬†And because everything is of That, we can be aware of That in everything, in which case awesomeness would be an understatement. ¬†Infinite Beauty…


The end to all learning is knowing that there is nothing one needs to know, and that nothing can be known without Divine Grace. ¬†To say, “I, of myself, know nothing,” is actually an incredibly advanced statement. ¬†The ego thinks it knows many things, when actually it only knows about many things, and even that knowing about is questionable. ¬†The only way to truly know something is to be it. ¬†So, the only way to know the Truth is to become it. ¬†How does one become the Truth? ¬†Perhaps one cannot be any other way. ¬†One is the Truth, already, but is merely not aware of it.

To become aware of the Truth and that one is the Truth, practice any spiritual practice in all circumstances, under all conditions, no matter what. ¬†Something simply like kindness or forgiveness, practiced unconditionally, will quickly lead one to realization of the Truth. ¬†I say ‘quickly’ but really what it does it takes you beyond time, so time is no longer a factor in the process. ¬†If one is practicing kindness moment to moment to moment, who cares what time it is? ¬†To be sincerely on the spiritual to Truth¬†means to prioritize it above all else. ¬†There is certainly something in creation worth living for, worth dying for, worth giving everything for. ¬†It is the Supreme Goal and Prize and Possibility of human birth. ¬†It is an uninterrupted, steady awareness and abidance in Peace, Peace, Peace.

What we are all truly seeking is not money or fame or partners or possessions.  What we are really seeking is the Truth which is beyond description and beyond all words.  We are seeking that which cannot be spoken. Go before and beneath all the thoughts.  Out of what do the thoughts arise?  How is one even aware that one is aware?  What is it that is present all the time, whether the human animal is awake or asleep?  What is the one consistent, unchanging factor to Reality?  What was present with you before birth and what will be present with you beyond death?    What is Real?  What is True? What is Permanent?  What am I?  What are you? What is?

You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!




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