What Separates Us from God?

Nothing but illusion!

What is illusion? The idea that we need to think to survive.

If God is as the great teachers say he is – Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient – then what need is there for thinking?

When we give up the vanity of thinking, we become aware of that which is everywhere and always present, unchanging, unmoving, infinite, eternal.

What promotes all the needless thinking?  Fear.  Why do we perpetuate all of the endless drama about our little human and other humans around us?  What is with all the endless drama?  We are hooked to our own stories!  We all think our story is the most important story in the whole world.  We’re so obsessed with the story of our past and future that we miss the Infinite Love that is present with us now and always and forever.  We are so enamored with our story that we succumb to acts of greed, anger, and fear to perpetuate the story.  Without the story, what would be?

In the radical present, there is no story.  Everything simply is.  And what is but God?

As Sri Swami Satchidananda says, “God is present everywhere as everything.”

With that kind of presence being the reality, do we really need to think?  Of course not!  Alas, it is part of the game and ultimately it is all for fun.  It takes tremendous courage and profound faith and devotion to surrender all metallization and all thinkingness to God, and when we do – we discover a great liberation and lightness.

Thinking is actually quite a burden.  So much of thinking stems from fear and worry and from cravings and desire.  Much thinking also seems to be about endlessly labeling objects and judging things.  Why do we feel the need to know about things on such a superficial level by projecting labels onto them?  What is the Reality?  Are we doomed if we don’t label every car that we see a car and then endlessly pursue our curiosity to know what make and model it is?

The process of knowing God through direct experience is one of cultivating an infinite trust – a trust so profound that one surrenders thinking about anything and everything. One trusts in God to provide perfectly every moment, as has been true for one’s entire life.  There is a saying from the Bible, “God knows what you need before you even ask.”  Asking is essentially thinking in the form of prayer – so the Bible says we don’t really even need to ask or pray.  The prayer is essentially, “Thy Will Be Done,” as so it is always done.  How could an all-powerful, all-knowing, and everywhere Present allow for anything less than perfection to reign supreme every moment?  Only in our ignorance and illusion do we project imperfection and wrong and negativity upon Reality.  Actually, every moment, all is being offered exactly what it needs to further its own spiritual evolution of consciousness.

Just look at the example of Hitler briefly. We can all see how his example has allowed for countless millions of humans to learn from it and open their minds to the downfalls of the human condition and the human ego.  We can see how powerful selfish desire can be for gain and pleasure and power.  The example, as horrific as it may look, has served to catapult all students to higher consciousness and awareness, with a heightened sense of vigilance around the quest for power – more aware than ever of its potential pitfalls.  We can also see that Hitler was simply a victim of societal programming – so we can be more aware than ever to guard ourselves against negative programming and to be increasingly aware of what ideas we allow into our consciousness.  All suffering serves as a wakeup call for us to own our great responsibility to think loving, positive, thoughts and to align with the power of Truth, of Love, of Peace and Goodness.

Thoughts are like clouds that block the sun from shining forth.  We have the power to perpetuate the clouds or to allow them to dissolve.  Quite a power indeed!

When we let go of the thoughts, the clouds disappear and the sun shines forth – which is the radiance of Divinity.

So long as we lack total faith and trust in God – we’re going to be in the world thinking we need to do things and get things done.  In reality, we are not doing anything.  “Without God, not even a speck of dust moves.”  It is silly for us to even take credit for the actions of the physical body which we often identify with and call “me.”  If we look at the body, we can see that we are only capable, so it seems, of controlling very gross motor function – like moving fingers, arms, legs, twisting and bending, etc. – but how many functions are going on in the body, 24/7, without even the slightest effort or awareness on our part?  We don’t make the blood flow or the heart beat.   What is doing that?  All of the Power is God’s.  Nothing happens without the will of God.  When we accept this, we can gradually let go of the burden of thinking and the illusion of correcting and saving the world, and we can let all be perfectly as it is, and we can realize that we are the witness to the great show, the Divine Play, the Cosmic Comedy, and we can sit back, relax, and enjoy.

Remember, it is all for fun. 🙂

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!


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