Realizing Supreme Peace

Hallelujah 🙂

Tyagat Shantir Anantaram – The Dedicated ever enjoy Supreme Peace.

For Supreme Peace, all we need to do is lead dedicated lives.

Dedicated to what?  Something greater than just our small, physical, human, animal body.

Dedicated to the good of all humanity, to freedom, to peace, to love, to happiness for everyone and everything.

Every moment, whatever we’re doing, we can dedicate our action to the service of God, to the upliftment of all humanity.

Try it now if you’d like.

Just offer this moment up as a dedicated moment to the benefit of all humanity, of all life in all of its expressions.

Notice the Peace that follows.  For me, right now, it feels like a heart-opening and an complete calmness.

When, in the Present Moment, we are consciously dedicating our being to the benefit of all life or to the service of God – or anything far greater than that which merely comes up and goes like a small human animal body – we discover the freedom to relax completely.  When living a dedicated life, we are free from the illusions of doubt and worry and fear.  Living a dedicated moment is the very best we can do, and when we are doing the best we can do, there is nothing to fear.  Doing our best, there is nothing more anyone could ask of us.  Knowing that we are giving and being our best in this moment, we are free to be totally present and in love with What Is.

The dedicated ever enjoy Supreme Peace.  The Sri Swami Satchidananda add-on and closure to that great scriptural testimony is, “Therefore, live only to serve.”

Imagine being able to freely and sincerely affirm the truth, “I live only to serve.”  Free from all guilt, all shame, from all doubt and worry and fear.  Living only to serve, every moment, the life reveals the pure and complete and the Divine Love.

Realizing the Truth is simple.  It just requires total sincerity – such sincerity that leads one to clinging to one spiritual practice (like dedication) at all times, in all circumstances, no matter what.  Best of all, the journey is its own reward.  Every moment of dedication returns Supreme Peace.  We realize peaceful ends by peaceful means.  Peace is every step.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!


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