3 Keys to Waking Up Early

Hallelujah 🙂

From personal experience, to date, the following is a list of techniques that worked well to wake up early.  May this sharing serve the Highest Good!  Also, note that we are really just talking about habit development, so the guidance here relates to developing any habit.

  • Educate yourself intensely about all the benefits to developing the habit.  There are tons of people on YouTube and across the internet who talk for days about all the good reasons to wake up early and how awesome your life will become when you start waking up at 5 AM or whenever it is.  The more you give the mind positive reasons for making the behavioral change, the easier it becomes to act upon.  What this education does is amp up the motivation which can increase your desire for developing the habit.  You can even research the lives of various inspirational people throughout history: such as Mahatma Gandhi, Jack LaLanne, Swami Satchidananda, Benjamin Franklin, Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King Jr., The Dalai Lama, etc., and perhaps in their biographies you find that they woke up around 3 AM every day to pray and meditate – maybe that will inspire you!  If you’re sincerely interested in being of maximum service to humanity, being awake very early in the morning is a great start.  Early in the morning is a optimal time to go deep within yourself and commune with Reality and Truth directly, without worldly distractions.  Anyway – education 🙂
  • Education helps build the desire.  Once you have the strong desire, then commit to it for 21 or 30 days, no matter what.  Give yourself the gift of simplicity by committing to developing the habit, and then after the trial period you can assess if you find the habit to increase the quality of your life and benefit others as well.  To ensure the success of the trial period, consider asking a friend or family member to help hold you accountable.  You can even leverage finances to help hold you accountable.  For example, tell your friend that you’re committing to wake up at 5 AM for the next 30 days.  Write your friend a check for $100 or some sum of money that you wouldn’t want to lose but it isn’t such a large number that it would hurt you financially – and tell your friend to cash the check if you report to them that you failed to succeed one morning in waking up at that time.  You can make it easy by telling them that you’ll send them a text every day to report on the morning success, so if they don’t hear from you they can assume you failed and they’ll cash the check.  Then, you could restart the habit again for another 30 days, and perhaps give your friend a check for a larger sum of money, because clearly the first sum wasn’t a great enough motivator 😉  Then again, when one is oriented to serving the highest good of all that is, money really isn’t a great motivator.  But, honoring the truth of your word is good motivator because that is setting an example worthy for all to follow. So, perhaps honoring your word with a friend is enough and finances need not be involved.  Alas, the ego is motivated by things like money, so to get your ego on board with your new habit, perhaps let the ego know that money is at stake 🙂  Accountability!
  • Have a clear, inspiring routine to embark on each morning as soon as the alarm goes off.  Make sure what you’re waking up to is inspiring for you.  For example, if you’ve educated yourself to the point where you’re intensely motivated to wake up at 4 AM and pray, meditate, and study for the first 2 hours of the day during the sacred hours of Brahmamuhurta, then you’ve got the all the inspiration you need.  Or perhaps you’re incredibly motivated to write and know that the quietness of the morning hours is most conducive to your creative output so you’re greatly inspired to cease those moments.  Or, perhaps you’ve designed an epic 3 hours morning routine that includes meditation, study, exercise, and a healthy breakfast before heading off to work each day.  Whatever works for you, develop a routine and a plan that you feel aligned with and that inspires you.  If you plan to wake up at 4 AM with no plan of what you’ll do once you’re awake, what will motivate you to stay awake?  You’ve got to be clear on what you want to do with these extra quiet hours in your life.  Be inspired by what you’re waking up to do.


So, educate yourself (to build the desire and give the mind all the good reasons to develop the habit), create some accountability (to inspire you through the challenging times and provide some extra motivation for the ego), and have an inspiring plan of action!


Gloria in Excelsis Deo!


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