What Really Matters?

Hallelujah ūüôā

What really matters?  What a great question to bring the Truth to light.

When it comes down to it, every person might give a different answer to the question, “What really matters?”

Offering an idealized answer to the question, I’d say, “Love. Peace. Truth. Goodness. Freedom. Compassion. Happiness.”

But – alas! – sometimes life is not idealized, and sometimes – in moments – I wouldn’t internally accept that Love is really what matters, and not whatever ego-drama that I’m juicing. ¬†The ego loves its drama, and if we are caught in the drama of the ego, we won’t have the awareness to sincerely surrender to the Truth that Love and Peace is really what matters, not our own greed, selfishness, anger, righteousness, etc.

So…God help us in those moments when we don’t accept that Love and Peace and the Supreme Truth is what really matters. ¬†God help us when we get caught in lesser, petty, illusionary ego-truths and dramas.

All the Spiritual Teachers of every tradition basically say the same thing…and it is something like:

  • Love and Peace is the Ultimate Law of the Universe
  • All fear is an illusion. ¬†Perfect Love casts out fear.
  • Walk straight ahead – no matter what – committed to Spiritual Truth
  • Value that which is unseen and permanent, not that which is seen, ever-changing, and impermanent. ¬†Store up treasures in Heaven, not on earth.
  • You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.
  • The Best do not compete.
  • Love everyone and everything, unconditionally, no matter what. Unconditional Love is possible for us all!
  • Peace is Within. ¬†Happiness is Within. ¬†The Kingdom of God is Within. ¬†Everything that you truly and most deeply seek, you already have – in fact, thou art that! ¬†You are not separate from that which you seek.
  • We are all One. ¬†There is no other. ¬†Separateness is an illusion.
  • Judge not. ¬†Instead of judging and trying to change and control others, be the change you want to see in the world. ¬†Give up trying to save the world and do the inner-work that transforms all of life.
  • Reality is already perfect, total and complete. ¬†So are you. ¬†Only illusion would tell you otherwise. ¬†God is all-powerful, all-knowing, everywhere present. ¬†Ultimately, there is nothing but God – everything is God – and God is Love and Peace and nothing else.
  • One sure sign of spiritual growth is beginning to realize the inherent perfection and beauty of everyone and everything – even dented old trash cans down dark alleys. ¬†Perfection, Beauty, and the Glory of God shines forth from everyone and everything.
  • All the Power and Glory is God’s. ¬†Without God, not even a speck of dust moves. ¬†Nothing happens without God’s Will. ¬†Ultimately, everything that happen is God’s Deed, and it is all for Good. ¬†Everything is for Good – even if our limited human intellect and ego cannot see it or understand – everything serves its divine purpose. Even Hitler and his story now clearly serves all humanity and is learned about in classrooms worldwide.
  • There is a part of us (ego) that needs purifying and ultimately transcending. ¬†The spiritual journey is not a process of acquiring but rather one of letting go and surrendering. ¬†We give up everything that stands in the way of us and God, which ultimately is just ignorance. ¬†We surrender our ignorance and intellectual arrogance to God, and in return we realize the state of Enlightenment. ¬†Everything is already Perfect and Beautiful, we just don’t realize it because of our intellectual ideas and thinking process.
  • The primary error we all suffer from is ignorance of the Supreme Truth. ¬†The ignorance we live in generally consists of identifying with a physical body and mind rather than an invisible, eternal Spirit, and we perpetuate feelings of separateness which lead to fear and generally negative experiences of Reality. ¬†When we come into the Truth which transforms our relationship and understanding of Reality, there is only Love, only God, only Goodness.

Om ūüôā

Disclaimer: some of the above points might not be corroborated by every major religious tradition across the world, but my guess is…they are. ¬†Every one of the points at least comes from some verified spiritual text or teacher and none were ‘made up by me.’ ¬†So, God’s Will whatever happens ūüôā

Thank you for being that which you are!

Thou Art That!

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!