No Thinking is Necessary. All Thought is Vanity!

Om 🙂

What is the purpose of this life?

What is the highest goal a human being can aspire toward?

Knowledge (via direct experience) of God, the Supreme Truth, Infinite Love and Peace, the Highest Good.

The Spiritual Goal!  Kind of like…seeing the Unseen.  That’s greater than billions of bucks, right?

So then….

If the goal is to know God, that which is Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient, then that same Power would infinitely support us on the journey to That.

With the awareness that we are infinitely supported by the Supreme & All-Powerful One, then we can fully commit our every moment of consciousness to That without concern for anything outside of That.

Ultimately, nothing is actually outside of That anyway, so let me explain further.  The mind likes to think, and the mind/ego thinks that it is separate and lives and dies and therefore it thinks to perpetuate its own survival, so it thinks.  Really, survival is totally up to God, and basically the ego/mind doesn’t have any authority over the matter.  Alas, the ego/mind loves to think that it has power and sovereignty, when in reality all power is God’s.

So – we’re dealing with the ego/mind that is totally caught in an illusion of separateness which results in fear which leads to selfish, even destructive behavior.  The ego/mind loves to spend its time thinking about material gain, be it money or food or developing new skills and abilities and learning new things that will all serve to perpetuate its own survival, sometimes at the cost of hurting others.  But, really, the ego/mind doesn’t care so much about others, except to the extent that others serve its own survival and thriving.  The ego/mind’s anthem is, “I, me, and mine!”  The ego wants and wants and wants.  It is focused on gaining and getting, not giving.  So, beware!

In Reality, the Highest in us has no needs or wants or desires.  All is already total and complete and perfect.

So then, what are the consequences of this for us?

It means, in Reality, totally truthfully and with supreme, unshakeable faith, we don’t ever have to think about food, money, sensual pleasure, education, other people, etc.  Truly, we don’t have to think about anything.  All thinking is ultimately a vanity – a vanity because thinking presumes there is a need to think because there is some sense of doubt that which is All-Powerful and Perfect caring for one and all every moment.  With absolute, total and complete faith in God, there is no reason to think.  God takes care of what needs taking care, and all the power is God’s anyway, so what purpose could our thinking possible serve?  It is a vanity!  Thinking is vain.

Whenever we think, whenever we catch the mind thinking – we don’t have to be hard on ourselves for forgetting the infinite power and perfection of God.  Ideally, just be aware!  Watch the thinking.  Witness the ego/mind perpetuating its illusion of separateness and fear and anxiety and worry and doubt…and on some level allow for a deep relaxation into the arms of the Lord.  Just relax.  The ego/mind thinking is like a clenched fist – and on some level the Higher part of us is to unclench the fist and just relax.  Trust in God.  What good will thinking really do?

As you are probably well aware, the mind thinks, seemingly endlessly.  So, our mission isn’t to stop the mind thinking entirely, but instead, to just be aware of it.  And, if we find being aware of it is too challenging, we can at least re-direct the thoughts to something more spiritual and less vain and selfish.  So, direct the thoughts to some spiritual practice – like self-inquiry, or focus on God or qualities of God.  Inhale Love, exhale Peace.  You can spend the rest of your life doing that.  Just Trust.  Or, simply ask, “What am I?” and whenever a thought arises, just ask again, “To what does this thought arise?  To me! Well…what am I?”  The true answer to “What am I?” is silent and non-verbal.  So don’t allow the mind to verbally answer it without questioning t again.  Our task is to not let the mind get away with any of its vain nonsense.  Master the mind, purify the thoughts, transcend all fear and the desire to think, and be free.  Relax in the infinite love and peace of the Lord.



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