What do we really want?

Happiness.  Freedom.


Freedom from all fear, freedom from all worry.

Freedom from all attachments, freedom from all aversions.

Freedom from the mind, the thoughts, and the endless drama of how we’re right and others are wrong, of how we’ve been wronged, of how terrible things are, stories of unfairness, stories of victimhood, stories of blaming, stories of judging and criticizing and condemning, stories of lack…even the stories of abundance, the stories of joy and peace and prosperity, the stories of laughter, the stories of service…it all comes from the past or is something projected onto the future, and by future what we’re really talking about is – imagination!

Freedom from the past, freedom from the future.

Freedom from the intellect.  Freedom from the burden of ‘knowing’ anything, or more accurately, ‘knowing about’ anything.  Freedom from all the intellectual arrogance!

Freedom the dualities: you vs. me, us vs. them, right vs. wrong, good vs. bad…freedom from all the thoughts!

Freedom from all worry, from all fear, from all concern.

Freedom from all willfulness.  Freedom from any sense that there is anything wrong.

Freedom to bask in the totality and completeness, wholeness and fullness and absolute perfection of what is here, now.

Freedom from desires.  Freedom from wanting things to be different than what they are.

Freedom from expectations. Freedom from memory.  Freedom from labels and concepts. Freedom from opinions.  Freedom from appointments and disappointments.

Freedom to be totally present.  Freedom to just be.

Freedom to prioritize our own happiness and peace above all else.  Freedom to prioritize God above all else.  Freedom to prioritize our own personal truth above all else.

Freedom to act righteously if we feel there is something to be righteous about.  Freedom to flow and express however is most natural and effortless.  Freedom to live spontaneously.

Freedom to watch and witness the grand show, the Divine Play, without getting caught in it, and without identifying with any of it.

Freedom to surrender everything to God.  Freedom to let go entirely of everything and just let God.

Freedom to let go and forgive the entire past, and let go of any thoughts about the future.  Freedom to be with a mind as blank and pure and empty as a newborn baby.  Freedom to know and be only Love and that is it and that is all.

Freedom to smile and not only act cheerfully but to be truly joyful and cheerfully even in seemingly bad circumstances.  Freedom to enjoy every moment, no matter what is happening.  Freedom to know God in everyone and everything, and to bask in the glory that everything is God, and/or everything is God’s Will, and everything that happens is for the very best.

Freedom to relax into the glory of the great Spiritual Teachings and Truth shared by so many and affirmed regularly throughout history: the Truth shared by Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, the Upanishads, the Vedas,

Freedom to not know anything.  Freedom to see the absolute highest good in everyone and everything.  Freedom to relax like a baby in the arms of the Mother, in the arms of the Lord.

Freedom to let go and let God.  Freedom to surrender all thoughts and thinking to God.


Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti


2 thoughts on “What do we really want?

  1. Enjoyed the post….was thinking about you the other day : how we met by accident at the used bookstore in winston…be well…….jamie : )

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