Spiritual Lessons in Investing and Bitcoin

Hallelujah ūüôā

Over the past 3-4 months, I’ve immersed in the world of investments, and the most enticing field of investing at the moment is that of cryptocurrencies – including but not limited to Bitcoin.

Prior to just a few months ago, I never seriously considered investing money in anything. ¬†I didn’t have a significant amount of money so it seemed like a non-issue that never even crossed my mind. ¬†It wasn’t until I signed up to take a coaching program with Eben Pagan ¬†that I actually began to ponder the notion of investing. ¬†In the program, which was actually a training to become a coach, one thing Eben addressed was what to do with all the new income that will follow with one becoming a coach. ¬†He talked about investing and some and giving some to charity. ¬†I’ve certainly familiarized myself with giving to charity (*pat on the back* ;-)) but investing seemed somewhat foreign.

Only a day or so after hearing about the idea of investing money, I realized I accumulated a decent amount of savings over the course of the year – at least enough to invest some of it. ¬†After all, it is just going to sit still otherwise, right? ¬†So somehow I then got subscribed to a newsletter about investing in stocks, signed up for an account on ally.com. ¬†A day or so after purchasing some stock, a friend then mentioned Bitcoin to me, and has it sure been one heckuva a divine comedy from there ūüôā

Actually Рfull disclosure Рeven after hearing about Bitcoin, I was still fascinated with researching stocks and cutting-edge technology, including the Internet of Things, CRSPR, and sure enough, the blockchain.  Eventually, researching blockchain technology and exploring the glories of coinmarketcap.com trumped researching any other stock offerings on the NASDAQ.

If you go to to coinmarketcap.com, you’ll see a list of cryptocurrencies. ¬†On many days, scrolling through the list, you’ll see a sea of green +++ signs next to all the currencies, meaning they are all increasing in value. ¬†Of course, other days you’ll see a sea of red. ¬†It goes up and down, in decently large amounts. ¬†In any one day, one coin might go up 20, 50, or even 100% – and another coin might go down the same amount or more.

With such volatility, it is easy to have ‘weak hands’ and want to sell off a coin as it is dipping, and try to hop on board the great ‘pump’ of another coin…it is a common error I’ve made many times at this point – and suffice it to say, I think my days of hopping on ‘pump and dumps’ are pretty much over. ¬†I’ve found great peace in putting my funds into well-researched and confirmed solid investments. ¬†There is nothing like the peace that comes from doing one’s own due diligence and/or the peace of surrendering to the guidance of experts. ¬†Granted, the space of cryptocurrency is so new that it is hard to officially someone an expert, but some people know more than others. Of course, even after hearing the advice from a so-called expert, doing my own due diligence to follow up on their recommendation has always helped the peace prevail.


Okay – so what is the point of all this?

Well – cryptocurrencies are a wild ride, and they are an absolutely primed space for rapid growth, both on the physical and spiritual planes. Your physical, financial portfolio may balloon, or it may shrink, but in either case – there is great opportunity for spiritual growth.

One of the primary delusions that humans suffer from is the projection of happiness externally. ¬†We think happiness is something to be found outside of ourselves in the physical world. ¬†In this instance, regarding finances, we often think, even if only on a very subtle level, that, “If I have more money, then I’ll be happy.” ¬†Of course, money is one of those that almost everyone in the world would say, “Yes, I could use a little more.” Even billionaires attempt to amass greater wealth. ¬†Why is that? ¬†Delusion. ¬†We think happiness is something to be found outside of ourselves. ¬†We are deluded and tricked. ¬†To be fair, from a higher level awareness and embracing the truth that, “Life is for fun,” then yes – certainly one can continue to put in some effort toward amassing wealth the rest of their life, regardless of how much they have, and it does not deter them spiritually ¬†in any way. ¬†Having money or not having money is not the issue – the issue is if we consider it a source of happiness or not. ¬†Have we tricked ourselves into thinking we’re dependent on a certain amount of money to be happy?

There is a saying: “The greatest man in history was also the poorest.” ¬†Arguably, this saying is referring to Jesus, or it could be referring to Gandhi, or St. Francis, or any one of the other countless spiritual giants who gave away all physical possessions so that they might be of maximum service to the whole of Creation and to the Lord. ¬†This isn’t to say go and give away everything you have, but certainly if you do – you will find yourself in a very powerful space, primed for rapid spiritual growth. ¬†In a similar way, just imagining that everything physical is lost and coping with it can be incredibly powerful and liberating.

Over the course of this 3-4 month cryptocurrency playground I’ve been frolicking in, I’ve lost a decent amount of money, I’ve earned a decent amount of money, and I’ve certainly felt very hard on myself for ‘missing’ the ‘big trade’ of the day. ¬†On any given day in crypto world, there is a coin that goes up 100% – it is almost guaranteed. ¬†On a day like today, I happened to own that coin – but in a very small quantity (less than 5% of my portfolio). ¬†So, what’s the lesson? ¬†Peace in diversity! ¬†Yes, it would be great to have 25% or more of my portfolio in that coin that went up 100%, but the chances of that are slim, and the risk is higher. ¬†For me, I’ve found it more fun to have a small percentage in a variety of coins, so that on any given day, at least I’ll have some coin to celebrate in its rise.

Also, on the days when I find myself not owning any of the coins going up, or ‘going to the moon,’ – as the saying goes – I find it a perfect opportunity to practice being grateful and to bless and affirm all the profits that some people are making somewhere. ¬†There is no need for a competitive approach – but the whole crypto space is a new frontier with incredible potential and we can all rejoice together in the success of this amazing technology which has the power to disintermediate and save the entire humanity a lot of time and energy on paying middlemen and such – it cuts through it all! ¬†So the technology is amazing and powerful and it might very well help to advance us to a whole new way of being in the world – and to be a part of it is a fun time.

One of the greatest days I’ve had in crypto world was a day when the whole market was down big – maybe 30% on the day as a whole. ¬†For a moment, I felt bad about it. ¬†Then I realized, it was already abundant to begin with. ¬†Just to have the great fortune to be able to invest anything is amazing. ¬†To have ‘extra money’ that I can put into something like this is totally awesome, and even it goes to $0, I still could spend days counting all the blessings of this lifetime. ¬†Regardless of any financial balance, this life is an incredible blessing and there is always so much to be grateful for. ¬†Of course, when fortunes are earned, gratitude can be expressed, and equally when fortunes are lost, gratitude is available. ¬†As St. Paul said, “Give thanks in all circumstances.”

Crypto space is a great opportunity to gain some exposure to massive highs and massive lows, and to develop that ability to remain unaffected by the swings of the world.  The Divine Play is always on Рand there is always much to enjoy and celebrate.

Sooo grateful for this grand gift of life, this great opportunity to learn and to love and to become better and better each day, and to give and to serve!

“The dedicated ever enjoy supreme peace – therefore, live only to serve.”

Tyagat shantir anantaram!


Om Shanti, Shanti, Shanti