The Healing Journey


May these words serve the Highest Good of All.  Amen.

Over the past few days, I consciously was aware that I wasn’t writing on here as much as I thought I would be, and in particular, that I wasn’t necessarily holding up to my word when I mentioned in a post that I planned to write on here every day, using this medium as a spiritual journal to reflect on each day.   That hasn’t been happening recently!  Why?

If we think of the goal of life as Supreme Peace which equals and state of Perfect Health (Body, Mind, Spirit) and Unconditional, Universal Lovingness, then we can think of our journey to reaching that state of being as a healing journey.  When we consciously aspire to reach that goal and take steps toward it, we are taking actions which we believe will facilitate the healing process.  And this healing is not just healing our stubbed toes or our cancer or our abdominal or back pain, but it is a holistic healing of every fiber of our being – such that we consider anything less than perfectly loving as not perfectly healed.  So really, healing is just another word for growing in Love and consciousness and awareness of Love and Peace – it hardly has anything to do with the physical body.

Healing is just loving more and more, and realizing a state of greater and greater peace.  This is the healing journey – the spiritual journey!

So then, consciously on the healing path, the spiritual path – means that we would be taking actions that increase that sense of Lovingness and Peace.

What healing steps do I need most in my life, right now?  Sometimes this medium fills many of my needs.  It offers connection with the global community and friends, it offers creative expression, it offers an outlet to reflect on the day and on life, and it offers the opportunity to serve those who read it and to serve my own consciousness by facilitating greater clarity and understanding.  Often times, this medium is like a win / win / win / win / win – everybody wins!  It is hard to think that I would choose to spend my time in other ways when it is clear how valuable this can be.

Yet, the 3-dimensional playing field of life offers a whole variety of experiences.  As beneficial as this, everything else can be equally beneficial and healing.

One thing I’ve noticed is how valuable variety is to the life journey.  We don’t necessarily want to live the same day over and over again.  Variety is the spice of life!  It is fun and increases our alertness and awareness in the moment – when we are present in new events or activities.  The good news is, variety is accessible every moment, just as is Peace and profound Love.  Variety can look like simply slowing down and taking time to appreciate what is before you – the practice of mindfulness.  Watching the breath, listening to the breath, looking at the fingertips, hugging a tree, giving thanks for what is.  Conscious moments are really what variety is about. When we live the same day over and over again, we can begin to take things for granted, we lose our sense of gratitude and consciousness.

Consider that feeling thankful and grateful for what is means that you are more conscious than if you aren’t feeling grateful and/or taking things for granted.  More consciousness means more healing, more love, and more peace, so more consciousness is the goal!  Gratitude is a great path to progress in the direction of the goal.

One practice recently I’ve been enjoying is honoring the Sabbath by unplugging from the electric world for one day per week.  This isn’t always possible, but when it is easy enough to do, I’ve been doing it.  Over the course of those days, I find myself saying things I’ve never said before, moving in ways I’ve never moved before, laughing and singing new melodies and having all kinds of fun just with me, myself, and I. And with Reality as a whole!  It is great every now and then to take a break from the digital world and play abundantly in all three dimensions.  Honoring the Sabbath is a perfect opportunity to reconnect with the great gifts we have all been given freely at birth.

Meditation is another practice that might look like the same thing over and over again each day, but really it is an avenue for variety and spice in life.  Every sit is different, and it can become quite enjoyable.

Okay then, so this post is advocating for honoring the Sabbath, the daily practice of meditation, and gratitude!  What else?

Healing, loving, and feeling Peace.

Infinite Love and Peace!

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