Entering into 30 Day Challenge!

Om Om Om!

May these words serve the Supreme.  Amen.

I find this human vessel in the great position of administering another month-long Integral Yoga teacher training.  Very exciting!  It is a huge opportunity to serve both intellectually and yet primarily by example.  The service we all render is primarily in our  quality of being, as much as our intellect and ego will try to convince us that what we do matters more.

Being > Doing.

That being said, what matters most to me as I approach this month-long training, and how would I like to serve and grow?

Matter-of-factly…there are a few decisions to be made on a daily basis that will radically effect the experience…and let me just list them on a binary basis

Yes or no to…

-> Attending the morning meditation

-> Attending morning hatha yoga class

-> Eating breakfast

-> Attending noon meditation

-> Attending 6pm meditation/sadhana

Listed above are the major decisions, and basically I’d like to go into the TT with a firm commitment to attending all of the above, except likely skipping breakfast.  Attending all the meditations will help keep me balanced and present in the training rather than feeling aloof.

I have been getting ‘hooked’ recently on superfood smoothies…basically  a banana with a bunch of powders blended up.   I’m thinking this may be my standard dinner option once the day is over…just drink a smoothie and relax!

Lunch will likely be whatever plain vegetable is offered and mung bean sprouts if available!

So now that food is determined…let’s just address sleep details briefly.

To attend morning meditation starting at 6 am, I’ll at least need to be up by 5:30, so that will be nice!  In past trainings, I’ve skipped the group meditation for a longer individual meditation…but I’m thinking here it will be better just to commit to being with the group for it all.  I think the shorter meditation will be counter-balanced with the positive perks of being in the group energy. Here’s hoping!

What really matters?

Relationship with the One, the All, that which is Eternal and Always Present!

How to enhance the relationship?

I generally do feel in a deep space in morning meditation and during the closing prayers…

For me, I think I need to embrace the spirit of service more, forgetting about “What’s in it for me?” and trusting always that all is provided.  I don’t need to be attached to anything, and there is nothing I absolutely must do on a daily basis.  The main ‘must’ in life is to focus on contributing to the whole, to serving the moment, to radiating love and peace – all of which is a matter of being, not doing.

So it is time to let go of my attachments to certain daily ‘doings’ and instead focus on present moment being!  I still hope to keep up my practice of spiritual study every day, but at the least I’m letting go of the need to do it first thing in the morning, and I will allow for it to be more of an evening activity before bed.

What does it mean to live with integrity?

To really be focused on serving the whole rather than just that which we perceive as our separate, individual self.  Or even to focus on serving the long-term good of the perceived separate, individual self is living with far greater integrity than to merely focus on a sensory indulgence in the present or a compulsion to satisfy every craving as it arises.  To be able to watch thoughts arise and asses them without acting upon every one of them as though it were gospel truth…that’s a great service.  A craving for cake may arise…but what really serves?  What is really worth thinking about and focusing on?  What can we peacefully dedicate our lives for?

What most often disturbs the sense of peace and how can the sense of peace be better protected and honored?

Well…the primary error is projecting happiness on things outside of ourselves.  To quote a great sage, Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj, “Happiness dependent upon anything is utter misery.”  To fully admit, accept, and embrace the fact that the source of all joy and happiness is within – that’s the good life!

“Life sucks” when I project happiness on certain external conditions…thinking I can only enjoy life if I am with so-and-so, or if I am doing a certain thing, or if I have a certain amount of wealth.  Really, happiness does not come from any of those things.  Having access to money can make it easier to survive on a day-to-day basis, but it by no means guarantees happiness.

As Bob Proctor said, “All you will ever need for fulfillment in life – is awareness.”  The same goes for happiness!  The source of happiness is always within, and therefore it is always present.  Happiness, Peace, Joy…all are simply a matter of awareness.  Love is a choice.  Peace is a choice.  All the best is within grasp every moment.  Nothing external needs to change for an experience of the Supreme.  All the ‘doing’  that ever needs to be done is internal, and it is mostly just a matter of letting go.

One problem we face is thinking, “I am the doer.”  We think that we are what is thinking and doing and living and breathing, but really all of this happens by itself.  We are not really doing anything.  It is better to think of the human is a puppet in the hands of God.  See that God is pulling the strings.  Or, as Mother Teresa talks about, feel that you are a pencil in the hand of God.  Witness that Divinity flowing through the human vessel you commonly refer to as yourself.  Develop the capacity to watch, as though you are a member of the audience, rather than act, like you are front and center stage.

Watch and witness rather than act and do.  Focus on watching what is happening without thinking about it or adding mental commentary to it.  Just watch, like you are watching a movie. You don’t really know what is going to happen next, but you know the movie exists for your entertainment (you might even say education).  Embrace what you are watching now as the supremely perfect educational and entertaining piece of 3-D media you’ve ever experienced – and embrace that reality every moment!

One big matter of awareness for me at the moment is awakening the perfection of what is.  Reality moves from perfection to perfection, from completion to completion.  Living in this truth is pure joy and peace, yet I often forget about it outside of sitting meditation practice.

Anyway, the Beauty and Perfection is always there, and if we choose, we can tune our awareness to it.  How good is life when we are aware of the Beauty and/or Perfection of that which is before us?  That’s the good life!

Om Om Om

Thank you!

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!


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