How to Cultivate Fearlessness

For the Highest Good – Amen!

Absolute Fearlessness – that is fearlessness in all conditions and circumstances, at all times – arises when one’s awareness is totally established in a consistent, never-changing Reality.

As an example, if one is totally established in the presence of God, and every moment one is awake to that Reality, then all other thoughts, opinions, and agendas vanquish.  There is the established awareness in this presence of God in this moment, and no other thoughts prevail.  So, there is only the awareness, moment-to-moment, and in each moment one watches as it unfolds perfectly.  With this absolute present-moment awareness, one continuously accepts everything that happens, for all the events (e.g. content) falls under the context (i.e. the established, continuous awareness).  The content – name and form – constantly changes – but the context remains the same.  Established with an eternal context, one can be free from fear that may arise with the ebbs and flow of the content.

The key then to fearlessness is practice.  After choosing a context to cultivate – be it in the presence of God, or Peace Within, or the capacity to be kind and caring to What Is, or to see the Beauty in All – whatever context one would love to dwell in eternally – begin now to live in it.  Each moment one is consciously living in a spiritual context, the content that might ordinarily scare someone becomes re-contextualized and seen in a new light, so that there is no fear.

Note: the above is an idea that arose from an experience I had when walking into a room and finding myself startled by a cat.  While walking into the room, I had an agenda to return a phone to its charger, not expecting a cat or any action really – just living the mundane life of doing worldly things that ‘need to get done.’  So, there I was, caught in worldly action, without holding onto the spiritual context – and sure enough fear arose and the cat jumped down from the bed and surprised me.

This isn’t to say that one should not put phones back on chargers.  The point is, everything can be done in the light of a spiritual context.  Everything can be done as an act of devotion and dedication to the Supreme.  Even if ‘we need to get things done,’ we can still remain established in an uplifted awareness and context.

The great game and challenge of life – or at least one of them – is to hold onto our inspiring context, regardless of content.  Content comes and goes, constantly changing – whereas a powerful context is permanent, eternal, unchanging, and priceless.

Great beings are aware more and more of context, and less concerned with content.  As an example, with a pure heart and a desire to be of service, it is largely irrelevant how much money is in the bank account or when is the next meal.  What matters is the opportunity of the moment – to be of service.  Constantly orienting oneself to being of service, each moment, what is there to fear?  At some point, service will look like eating food, so that the body can continue to serve, and really – when practiced at a very high level – the meal will almost certainly be had with others who are encouraging the eating – because one is so caught up in being of service that one forgets to eat.  Service (which is a context for living) is infinitely more fulfilling than eating (which simply refers to content and could occur in a variety of contexts).

All content in the world of name and form falls under the umbrella of context.  The real power and love in life comes from context, not content.  God is the Infinite Context.  Awake to that Context, the content is more or less irrelevant.  It is all for fun!  As the Bible says, wear the world like a light garment.   That is to say, don’ take the content too seriously.  Context prevails!  Being awake to context – those are the enjoyable and memorable moments of life.  Prayer is one way we reconnect with a higher context that frees us from the heaviness of material things.  Prayer literally lightens our load as our consciousness is raised to the domains of the unseen and invisible.  Aware of the invisible, the visible is seen for what it is.  Forgetful of the invisible, the visible can seem more important than it really is.


A favorite quote from the Dalai Lama, “The more you are motivated by love, the more fearless and free your actions will be.”  Being motivated by love is all about tuning into a higher context.  Is the purpose of your life to fulfill context or perform seemingly endless duties of content?  Prioritize context, and then the content reveals itself to be all for learning and for fun.

Prayer, ‘content’ that reminds us of the ‘context,’ does not need to be relegated to the beginning and/or end of the day.  It can be continuous.  Remember, Omnipresence.  That Infinite Love of Divinity is always present and available.  Relax into that and fear not!

“Perfect Love casts out fear.”

“All fear is an illusion.”

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

“He was nearest to the gods in that he had the fewest wants.”

May these words serve the Highest Good…Amen!  In Thy Name, Oh Lord. 🙂


“The dedicated ever enjoy Supreme Peace; therefore, live only to serve.”

How painful is wanting…and how ignorant!  Faith the size of a mustard seed can move mountains, and if we can move mountains – is there any room for wanting?

Just a little faith, a glimpse of awareness of the presence of the Supreme, easily dissolves all wants and desires.

Awake and aware of the presence of God, what is there to want?  The 23rd psalm…The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.  Or, another translation of “I shall not want,” is “I have all I need,” or even, “I lack nothing.”

When we realize the Supreme is taking care of anything, we can see the futility of any wanting.  We want things only when we forget that we are infinitely provided for and taken of.  When we tune in and tune up, the wants dissolve.

Maybe you pray before you go to sleep at night…

After those prayers, isn’t it easy to relax and let go of everything? We are all able to let go of our desires and have faith, otherwise we might be too afraid to even fall asleep.  Going to sleep is a demonstration of faith in something – there is a trust that we will come back to consciousness – or that even if we don’t, that is okay too.  Build on that faith.  You can carry that awareness that comes to you at night throughout the day.  Just relax, knowing that everything is okay – everything is really abundant – I mean how luxurious it is to get to go to sleep at night – what a gift!  Letting go of everything, utterly relaxing, practically dissolving…

Consider the traditionally agreed upon qualities of God: Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient.

Imagine being that Supreme Being, with those qualities.

How could that Being possibly want anything?  That Being has all Power, all Knowledge, and is everywhere and always present.  Any want would be instantly fulfilled, and so in a sense the want would never really arise in the first place.  There is just Being present with What Is.

Why not embrace the qualities attributed to Divinity?

What would your life look like if you embraced that on some level you are Omnipresent, Omnipotent, and Omniscient?  That means on some level, Reality is perfectly providing for you, every moment, and really you are the whole of Reality and not separate from any part of it, and that the energy and power that moves all things is your energy and power.  You are One with all of it, and yet you are also the consciousness and awareness of it.

Embracing Omniscience means surrendering the endless curiosities of the mind.  Do you really need to ask all those questions?  Do you really need to know the answers? And, on some level, don’t you already know what is to be known?  “Every hair on your head has been counted,” – that means that everything is known, and yes you can know all the details and facts about the physical world if you want – but is it really necessary to know how many hairs are on your head?  Better yet, why not relax into that awareness that truly does know how many hairs are on your head?  Be with that Omniscience.  No questions need to be asked.

Omnipotence…all of the power…being with that means your real identity is beyond anything can be seen.  It essentially means you are Infinite.  You are not even separate from the power that moves the planets and stars, nor separate from the power that circulates blood through all the bodies, human and animal alike.  With Omnipotence, Omnipresence is close behind, for everywhere there is anything, there is power, and Thou Art That!  You are even one with the power that holds the text of these words and letters together.  You are one with the power that holds steadily the form of a spoon and all forms in the moment.

Omnipresence – there is nothing but you.  So, clearly you are far more than a human being!  You are one with the Source of All Life & Existence.  There is only the One, and we share in it.  Hence, “judge not lest ye be not judged.”  Judging others is judging ourselves.  So, Unconditional Love makes sense.  Love all creation in all forms and expressions, without exception – it is all Thine & Thee!


“Want not and waste not your happiness.”

Act spontaneously, allowing Love to the instigator of action.  Let Love rule your life, not ego & selfish desire.  When Love leads, there is no room left for desire.  Allowing Love to prevail is fulfilling in and of itself, and there is no need to get or gain anything in addition to it.

What you need will be provided.  God created you, and you are God’s problem.  Don’t worry about survival – it is handled moment-to-moment.  You don’t need to carry enough sandwiches in your pocket to last you the whole week.  Each day is sufficient unto itself.

Instead of concern over survival, just focus on Loving, Giving, & Serving.  This is the path of Karma Yoga, selfless service – acting without consideration of personal pleasure or gain.  It is a fast path to realizing the oneness of life.  Recently I’ve had the joy of spending a few nights with a dog who wakes up in the middle of the night to go outside, and I couldn’t be happier about it.  Even in the night, the joy of service and giving is upon me.  To be of use and service is such a gift.  Remember too, “there are no great acts, only small acts done with great love.”  What we do need not look great, but if we do with great love, it is truly great and beneficial to the entire creation on an unseen level.  By acting from an energy of Love, we uplift everyone.  I can tell you without a doubt that the benefit of writing these words is occurring in this moment of writing them – as I am aware of being moved by the energy of Love.  And, if you, dear reader, feel uplifted to that energy while reading these words, then the words continue to serve in this way – but the point remains that regardless of if 0 people or 1000s of people read these words, they have served as an expression for the energy of Love, so however else they may continue to uplift is yet unknown.

It is a great relief to know that we don’t have to save the world, and to know that at the same time, the way in which we best serve the world is not by doing anything in particular, but rather by becoming something beautiful – to realize our potential, to fulfill the virtues, to embody Love.  We can spend the rest of our lives peeling potatoes with a full heart, and that is serving humanity in wonderful ways beyond comprehension.  Whereas, we can feed millions, and, if feeling prideful doing it, it is practically worth nothing.  Hence, St. Paul says, “if I have the gift of prophecy, and understand all mysteries and all knowledge…and have not love in my heart, I am nothing.”  Without the purity of heart, the pure intention, Love in the heart – actions are not worth that much.  With Love, they are valuable beyond compare.

Jesus says, “Be Perfect, as the Father in Heaven is perfect.”

Wanting is pretending to be incomplete and lacking.  Rather than pretending to lack, accept that this moment is complete and total and perfect as is.  Nothing needs to change.  Things continue to happen naturally, and reality moves from complete to complete, from perfection to perfection.  Perhaps the most valuable thing to do is simply tune the awareness to the completion and perfection of what is Now, over and over again, until the awareness remains firmly established in that experience of perfection, and then you can watch TV 😉

Even though desiring an awareness of the perfection of each moment is not necessary.  Spiritual practice is about letting go and allowing, not getting and gaining and forcing our will upon things.  There is no need to project lack or deficiency upon anything, even your own consciousness.  It is perfect as it is, and you are not even that – you are beyond that!

Everything is being perfectly what it is in the moment, without deficiency or lack.  A beat -up old garbage can is really a beautiful thing, as is a brand new one.  There is no need to set up better than / worse than hierarchies.  Everything is being what it is.  And what you are is beyond all of it.

Omnipresent, Omniscient, Omnipotent.  One with All, yet beyond.

I like to think of any object in creation as a ray of the sun.  Even though appearing different, all rays of sun are ultimately the sun itself.  We can witness the rays and yet identify as the source of all the rays.  In which case, relax.

No saving the world.  The world is serving its purpose.  Just be kind and loving and step over the beetle.  Close doors gently.  “To be kind and caring is all that is necessary.”

Victory to the Light of Truth!

‘My’ most recent primary spiritual teachers have been Sri Swami Satchidananda and Dr. David R. Hawkins.  Certainly, much of what is in this post is possibly direct quotations from Dr. Hawkins even if not cited as such.  Please forgive any unintentional plagarism…but anyway I take no credit for the words above and would attribute all the spiritual teachings to the previously mentioned teachers as well as anyone else quoted, Mother Teresa, the Bible, etc.  All Glory is God’s! All Power is Thine, Oh Lord.  Amen.