Make Hay While the Sun Shines…This is It!

For the Highest Good – Amen!

The three great gifts:

  1. A human birth
  2. A Desire to Know the Truth
  3. A Teacher to Show you the Way

If you have all three, make hay while the sun shines!  You never know when this opportunity might come around again.

Rare indeed is it to be born a human!  A precious gift indeed…for the human has the capacity to become more and more loving, to learn and grow and evolve, to become better – every day!  With discipline, devotion, and dedication, one can reach the Supreme Goal of Life.  Cats and dogs do not have that great fortune.  We do!

Straight and narrow is the path – waste no time!

The possibilities for a human are truly amazing – and we might as well use the word epic – for each one of us has the capacity to live a truly epic life.  Epic like fables are written about and stories are told for generations.  The possibilities…

What would make your life epic?  Not saying you have to let go of everything, but if you were to let go of just a few things, to really increase the epic quality of your life, what might those be?

For me, what comes to mind is meditating at 4am and eating only one meal a day…I think that would be pretty epic!

Anyway, the point is not to necessarily live an epic life, but really to wake up to the reality of the awesomeness of this gift of life and waste not!

Study the lives of the saints and the sages – born human – just like you!  Gandhi said something like, “I have no doubt that anyone can achieve what I have achieved.”

A really fantastic feat for a human is to reach a consciousness of unconditionally loving everyone and everything, no matter what.  That is an epic way to live!

Of course, the ego loves to hold onto its resentments and judgments and opinions – and transcending the ego is epic work.

The point being…go for it!  Go for the big IT!

Unconditional Happiness, enjoying every moment, feeling good all the time – go for nothing less than that.  Feeling peaceful and joyful always – that is your birthright.

The more we awaken to the reality of the presence of Love, the better everything becomes.  Love is always present.  Sometimes I like to think we are swimming in an ocean of love.  The air is like Love, constantly hugging us, embracing us, fully and completely.

Seek nothing, want nothing, expect nothing – and Love reveals Itself!

The illusions that catch us – thinking happiness is something outside of ourselves that we have to gain and possibly only temporarily experience.  The illusion that we are separate and therefore need to compete because there is not enough.  Letting go of separateness, letting go of competition, letting go of scarcity, and accepting and affirming the reality of Oneness, Abundance, and Perfection – that is great spiritual work.  Certainly, tests will come.  Embrace the tests!

Think of it like your eyes are covered by a veil.  The veil perpetuates the illusion of separateness and scarcity and therefore fear.  Spiritual work lifts the veil so that the light of Love, Oneness, Abundance, Beauty, shines forth.  Infinitely radiant – nothing but Love and Peace.

Lift the veil!   You can think of the veil as mostly made up of thoughts.  It is like a screen of thoughts that paint the world we see with names and forms and all kinds of labels and concepts.  The thoughts seem very useful to that which identifies itself as separate and perceives lack and limitation – but they are actually quite useless to that which understands itself to be Love and Peace Itself – nothing that can be pointed at; invisible.

Relax into the energy that is before the thoughts, beneath the thoughts.  The thoughts are like fish jumping out of the ocean.  Instead of focusing on the fish, focus on the ocean.  Relax into that ocean of Love.  Lift the veil by relaxing – like unclenching a tight fist – just let go.  No need to think about anything or playback any stories.  Allow for the mental energy to melt.  There is no problem.

Reality moves from completion to completion, from perfection to perfection.  Lift and remove any veil that would tell you otherwise.  Anything that questions the perfection of the reality of Infinite Love and Peace, let it go.  Accept Infinite Love and Peace as the Reality.  Isn’t that the Reality you would want to live in anyway?  Is it worth living in anything less than that?  You can always fake it until you make it.  Trust that everything is for good, and the goodness will reveal itself.  Trust there is beauty in all things, and the beauty will shine forth.  The Love in all people will shine forth if you look for it and trust in it.

Condemning anything is wasted energy.  This is a precious gift of life!  Leave the judgment and condemnation to the One that created this All 🙂  Surely, the Creative Power is handling what needs to be handled.  Awaken to that Presence, still creating, always creating, and yet beyond all of it.

Allow your human vessel to be a channel for Love and Peace.  Allow it to be a servant for the Highest Good.  With a pure purpose like that, there is nothing to fear, and there is nothing to do.  You just wait, and allow that perfect energy to flow freely through you.

Relax.  Om Relax.

When in doubt, keep good company!  If life is feeling tough, upgrade the company!  Upgrade the people you spend time with, upgrade the books you read, upgrade the music you listen to, upgrade the foods you eat, upgrade the thoughts that you allow to enter your mind and upgrade the thoughts you consciously choose.  Hint:  there is no need to re-invent the wheel; just have enough curiosity to dare to pick up the New Testament and try practicing some of the teachings in your life and see if they do enhance the quality of your life; if they do, keep them.  You don’t need to believe anything – just have the courage to test.  Apparently the Bible says over 300 times, “Don’t worry,” and over 200 times, “Be glad.”  Maybe there is something to it…

Gandhi said that whatever you are doing, “do it with joy, or not at all.”  Imagine living your life by a rule like that!  I will only act with joy in my heart, or I will not act at all.  That is powerful!  And why not?  You are worthy of joy always – no doubt about it.  Joy is worth more than any material possession.

Make hay while the sun shines!

Don’t waste this life.  A most sacred and precious opportunity is upon us.  We can realize the Highest Goal in life.  Peaceful always.  Joyful always. Unconditionally Loving Everyone & Everything.  We can realize all of that and more!  Just commit to it – and know that every step along the spiritual path is its own reward, and it is far better than and more fulfilling than any worldly accomplishment.

Here we go!  Let’s go for it!

Seek nothing, want nothing, expect nothing.  Just Love!  Just Give! Just Serve!  Just Enjoy!  Independent of external circumstances, you have that freedom – that kingdom within you.

Thank you!

For the Highest Good!