There is a Goal!

May this serve the Highest Good – Amen!

There is a Goal that human beings can aspire to that is in many ways the most legitimate and most challenging of all goals.  It is supremely realistic, workable, feasible.  One need not doubt whether they can reach it or not.  One can proceed with absolute certainly that the fulfillment of the goal is realizable, and it is just a matter of dedication and devotion to it.

The Goal is the Spiritual Goal.  The Spiritual Goal trumps all other types of goals because its fulfillment is present in every moment of life.  Spirituality refers to the essence of life, that which pervades Reality.  Any Goal that has its fulfillment at stake moment-to-moment, consider that to be a spiritual goal.  The Goal could present itself in many different words, as examples: to be happy always, to be a servant of God, to know God, to unconditionally love everyone & everything, to be peaceful always, joyful always, to be my very best, to give my very best to the entire creation, to serve humanity, to be pure of heart, to radiate Love & Peace, to serve the Highest Good, to be good & to do good, to glorify God, to honor the 10 commandments and avoid the 7 deadly sins, to know the Truth, to be fearless and free, to be patient, to be free from anger, to be free from selfishness, to Love, etc.

All the aforementioned goals (or you might call them intentions) can be applied and fulfilled or denied in every moment of life, therefore they can be considered of the Spiritual Goal.  The opportunity is always present, and it refers to the overall context of Reality and to the quality of consciousness and awareness.

“Non-spiritual goals” refer to the content of the world, the world of name and form.  I wouldn’t say there is anything wrong with non-spiritual goals.  The main thing to acknowledge about them is that they are grounded in that which is temporary, so at the most could only really serve to enhance temporary happiness.  The end goal of all goals you could say is the Spiritual Goal of Happiness, Boundless Happiness!  So as all the goals of the content and the world get checked off the list, it becomes increasingly clear that what we’ve really been seeking for the whole time is Happiness, by whatever name we call it.  Then, the Spiritual Goal takes over as the quest for permanent Happiness, independent of the details of the world.

The life path, in terms of goals/intentions/desires, might look something like this…

I want….stuff! I want…money!  I want…a partner!  I want….a family!  I want…more money!  I want…fulfilling work!  I want…to contribute to humanity!  I want…for my family to be happy and healthy!  I want…for all to be happy and healthy!  I want…to be happy always!  I want…to Love everyone and everything!  I want….to know the Truth about Reality!

From the mundane to the ever more subtle and powerful – that is more or less the journey.  Of course, the mundane is also Divine!

What is the point?

To acknowledge that what we’re looking for is something that is already present and available in the present gives us tremendous power and significant in this very moment.  We need not run hither and thither looking for happiness or looking for the fulfillment of our great dreams of life.  The Great Goal of Life is realizable in this moment.  In this moment, one can commune with the Infinite; one can breathe deeply, smile, relax, and feel at ease; one can feel Love and Peace within; one can know that all is well; one can let go and trust completely; one can wish the entire creation well and send it all Love; one can dedicate one’s life to the service of God / humanity – possibilities abound!  Infinite Possibility….

Yes, there is a Goal.  And many have achieved the Goal.  The people who selflessly devoted their entire lives, every moment of their life to the service of God and/or humanity – they realized the Goal, and they lived in a state of consciousness/awareness beyond what is ordinarily experienced – a state ablaze with Love, Light, and Peace.  Abiding in the Presence of Love and Peace, does anything else really matter?  Imagine, experiencing fully the sensation of something like, “I am currently experiencing a state of Absolute, Perfect, Infinite and Eternal Peace.”  In that state, even just experiencing it for an instant, how could anything else compare?

To align our lives with what really matters – with what lasts longer just the physical human body – that is how to live a life filled with Love, significance, Peace, and Happiness.  Dedicating life to the well-being of all and wishing only well for all is what is called being pure of heart – and blessed are the pure in heart!  They shall see God.

With a pure heart, not wanting anything for yourself but for what allows you to be maximally of service to the whole, one frees oneself from all the pettiness and from all the selfishness that leads to suffering and misery.

As the saying goes, “The Dedicated ever enjoy Supreme Peace; therefore, live only to serve.”  Living only to serve, every moment becomes an opportunity.

Let us all dedicate our lives to something greater than just our small, limited, human vessel of flesh and bone.  Surely, we can live for something greater than just satisfying our animal cravings and earning a few dollars.  We can truly be of service every moment by centering ourselves in a pure heart, aligned with a dedicated and devoted spirit, for the welfare of all life in all of its expressions.

We don’t have to perceive separateness.  We can realize the Oneness of all life.  We can see our true Self in all objects, animate and inanimate.  And we can know that which is beyond the visible world.

Mmmm.  The Possibilities!

Go for the Goal!  Always remember it.  The moment and the Great Opportunity is at hand!  This moment, one can realize the Goal, or at least one can make efforts toward it, or one can go in another direction and have another goal…but the goal that is worthy of a capital G Goal, that’s a Goal worthy of devoting your entire life to!

Giving, Giving, Giving, Giving, Giving.

Peace, Peace, Peace

2 thoughts on “There is a Goal!

  1. We should never lose sight of that Goal, whatever the circumstances of this earthly life. To live with the eyes on Heaven is somehow to be in Heaven already.

    • Amen! Yes it is funny to see sometimes…feeling like in a heavenly moment and then a desire arises and suddenly the moment no longer feels as high quality…those pesky desires! Love in Abundance to you, JP 🙂

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