Where is Happiness? In the Happening!

For the Highest Good!

The present moment, eternally, offers us perfection.  Nothing needs to change.  The Glory of God shines forth!  Opportunities to love, to appreciate, to be grateful, to enjoy, to accept, to play, to rejoice….all is before us, available now.  Nothing needs to change.  The Power and the Kingdom is Within!

Heaven or hell are 1/10th of an inch of a part…so be careful!


Patience attains the goal.

Love & Gratitude is a choice and an awareness available every moment.

The ego wants to love only certain things.  Spiritual living and the flourishing of Spirit is when the love expands to include everyone and everything, unconditionally, no matter what.

You don’t have to wait for your nearest and dearest to be standing right before you to feel love, gratitude, appreciation, and all the positive feelings.

Truly, the Infinite Beloved, the eternal Nearest and Dearest, is present now, and is available for all the loving and gratitude that you can imagine.

No need to wait to experience happiness!  Happiness is in the happening, in the moment.

Thank the Lord!

Context vs. Content

For the Highest Good!

The content of the world – name and form – is constantly changing and seemingly endless.

The context is like the stage on which all this is being performed.  It is eternal.

When we get wrapped up in the content of the world and forget about the context, that’s drama.

Remembering the context, we can abide in a relaxed state of being, peaceful, content, remembering as Shakespeare says, “All the world’s a stage.”  When all the world’s a stage, we can accept it as fun and play.  Even the so-called pain and suffering is part of the play and we need not to condemn it, judge it, or identity with it.  A play is a play – it has peaks and valleys.  It is all for entertainment and education when seen from the perspective of the audience.  Rather than identifying as an actor on the stage, realize that you are much more like the audience, the eternal witness – or perhaps even better yet – you are the stage itself – the field of consciousness out of which all this arises and returns.

“Happiness dependent upon anything is utter misery,” – words by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.  Meaning, the content is not the source of happiness – and if we project our happiness upon the constantly changing game of name and form then we are going to suffer.  Instead, if we value everything on the stage as equally valuable – as it is all part of the whole – then we can love it all equally and care for it all equally, while still not being attached to any specific part of it – for it will come and go quickly and without our asking.

Things come, things go.  Let them come, let them go. Just be content. Enjoy the show!

Be the witness – the audience.  Enjoy all of it.

The context is the Higher Reality, the Truth that doesn’t change.  It is everywhere and always present.  Sometimes clouds block our view of the sun, but the sun is always there.

The content of the world is seductive.  Projecting value on it is easy to do because we perceive it with the sense and can perhaps understand it and seemingly experience it more fully than the silent, ever-present context.  So why not project value onto the names and forms of the world?  Because it comes and goes without warning!  It is not eternal.  Better to value the eternal and simply have fun with the transitory.  Play and enjoy without getting caught in it.

Perhaps the safest way to play and enjoy the world of name and form is to orient oneself to be a humble servant to it.  Accept everything in it as Divine, and so whenever any part of it speaks to you, that is the Divine speaking to you.  As the Bible says, “Give to the one who asks,” because that is the Divine asking.  Experiment with endlessly saying yes to the Creation.  A verbal “yes” is one approach, or more subtle is just to endlessly say “yes” to the action that keeps you connected with a sense of Peace and Joy Within.  Say “no” to anything that would disturb the sense of Peace, and “yes” to the Peace always.  What in the world could possibly be more valuable than a sense of Peace in this moment?

A quote I remember being from Martin Luther King Jr., “Peaceful ends can only be achieved by peaceful means.  Peace is every step.”  Peaceful means – means – peace is available in this moment! Connected with the Peace, stay with it, and remember that its value is worth far more than material riches.

So the message is…




The context is the essence.  Content is the nonsense.  Play with the nonsense while remembering the essence.  Peace prevails!

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!