For the Highest Good – Amen!

The great “maybes” of this journey through life…
Maybe there is more to life than partying, drinking, and getting together with a girl?
Maybe I can learn something from books?
Maybe enjoying the company of people is a skill I can learn?
Maybe there is such a thing as wisdom?
Maybe I can learn wisdom by asking people who I admire?
Maybe I can become more like people I admire by talking to them and spending time with them and copying what they do?
Maybe I can learn something from successful people?
Maybe success is something I can study, be it social success, economic success, health success, spiritual success?
Maybe I can study humor and become more funny, entertaining, and enjoyable to be around?
Maybe I’ll meet some really great people by volunteering?
Maybe whether or not I have fun and enjoy this moment and life is all up to me?
Maybe I have the power to choose to enjoy or not?
Maybe I can learn a lot from homeless people?
Maybe I can experiment with life and do crazy things, if for nothing else than for a good story?
Maybe I would learn something by blindfolding myself for a week?
Maybe I would learn something by fasting for a week?
Maybe I can simplify my life and give away some of my clothes?
Maybe I can wear the same outfit every day, and maybe I don’t have to think about what I wear each day?
Maybe studying philosophy and religion would benefit me?
Maybe I can learn something from Jesus, from Buddha, from the great thinkers and men and women of history?
Maybe there is more to life than winning?
Maybe the world will end soon, so maybe it would be good for me to pursue the Truth?
Maybe I will die soon, so maybe it would be good for me to focus on things I really care about and things and people that really matter to me?
Maybe its a good idea to not take this life for granted and to cherish each day and each moment?
Maybe I can be happy while sleeping on the floor?
Maybe I can be happy without having any money?
Maybe I would learn something valuable by spending a week homeless in New York City?
Maybe I can live the rest of my life without using money?
Maybe I can live each day as if I am in a Heaven on Earth?
Maybe I can align my life with the teachings of Jesus in the Sermon on the Mount?
Maybe I can give to the one who asks, and not even need to think about it – and just trust that it is a good idea?
Maybe I can love everyone and everything, unconditionally, no matter what?
Maybe I can forgive everyone, including myself?
Maybe I can let go of all grudges and resentments?
Maybe I can be happy always and enjoy every moment?
Maybe this is eternity? and if this is eternity, maybe it would be a good idea for me to start enjoying it?
Maybe I am One with Everything?
Maybe God is All That Is?
Maybe I can know the Truth, and the Truth shall set me free?
Maybe God is taking care of everything?
Maybe the world is fine just as it is, and it is not my duty to save the world?
Maybe I am free already, and maybe the only thing that binds me are thoughts of desire?
Maybe desirelessness is perfect bliss?
Maybe I don’t ever have to think again?
Maybe I can let go of everything and trust completely in God?
Maybe I don’t need to be attached or averse to anything?
Maybe I can let come what comes, and let go what goes, and maybe I can remain content the whole time?
Maybe what I really am is invisible?
Maybe all fear is an illusion and not based on truth?
Maybe God is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient?
Maybe God is Love and Peace and nothing else?
Maybe Love & Peace is the ultimate law of the universe?
Maybe the Kingdom of Heaven is Within?
Maybe Peace and Happiness is always within?
Maybe I always have everything I need to enjoy the moment?
Maybe separateness is an illusion?
Maybe scarcity and lack is an illusion?
Maybe adversities are blessings in disguise?
Maybe I am a student and life is the teacher?
Maybe Reality is Perfect already – as it is?
Maybe everything is beautiful?

back to the mundane… 😉

Maybe if I eat healthier foods, I’ll feel better and enjoy life more?
Maybe the quality of the foods I eat do affect the quality of my consciousness and quality of life?

Maybe meditation really is the key to everything?
Maybe the way to have everything is to not want anything?
Maybe everything is occurring spontaneously?
Maybe everyone and everything is already beautiful, perfect, infinitely good, and 100% Divine?
Maybe the greatest service I can offer humanity is feeling peaceful, loving and enjoying what is before me in this moment?
Maybe prayer is powerful and benefits all creation?
Maybe I become what I think about, so maybe I better think some good thoughts?
Maybe the more I give, the more I receive?
Maybe giving to charity and volunteering is the surest way to acquire great wealth?
Maybe ‘Thank you’ is the only prayer I ever need to say?
Maybe God is present everywhere at all times and in all things?
Maybe every hair on my head is already counted?

Maybe cleanliness really is next to godliness?
Maybe an apple a day really does keep the doctor away?
Maybe there really are no great acts, but only small acts done with great love?
Maybe love is a fruit of every season, within reach of every of hand?

Maybe none of these are really questions, and therefore the question mark at the end of all these sayings is not appropriate?

Maybe the key to happiness is giving and contributing to the welfare of all?
Maybe acting selfishly is the dumbest thing I could ever do?
Maybe living only to serve One and All is the best way to live?

Maybe I can be free in this very moment?
Maybe heaven or hell are really within the mind?
Maybe heaven or hell are really only 1/10th of an inch a part?

Maybe desiring to serve the Highest Good is the only desire worth having, or maybe even that isn’t worth it?
Maybe letting go and trusting completely in God is the best way to live?

Maybe we are all here to experiment and explore and to share our experience and thereby we all serve as each others students and teachers and grow together and become healthier, happier, and more peaceful and loving together?

Maybe any beliefs or ideas or dogmas I hold in my mind are totally worthless and I can let them go?
Maybe memories don’t really serve me at all and I can let them go?
Maybe I can let go of everything, and just be fully present with what is?

Maybe as long as I’m doing my best to love everyone and everything, and forgiving myself when I screw up – maybe nothing else matters?

Maybe we really are all doing the best we can, so maybe finding fault in anyone or anything is actually fallacious and maybe it really makes more sense just to feel compassion for us all, suffering in our ignorance?

Maybe life is suffering, and maybe there is an end to suffering?
Maybe Jesus and the Buddha actually knew what they are talking about?
Maybe the guidance offered by Jesus and Buddha is actually worth listening to and following?
Maybe there is infinitely valuable information I have yet to learn?
Maybe there are things I can learn that will greatly enhance all aspects of my life?

Maybe every moment is a blessing and a gift?

Maybe there are greater pleasures in life than food and sex, and maybe if I give up food and sex for just a day even, or 3 days, or 7 days, maybe then I’ll get a taste of the much greater pleasures in life, and perhaps maybe I’ll receive a glimpse of the Kingdom of Heaven within?

Maybe the perfection and glory of God is shining forth, always and forever?

Maybe God is providing perfectly for me and giving me all I need, every moment, moment by moment?

Maybe God is the only thing that is Real?

Maybe the purpose of life is to have fun?

Maybe the purpose of life is to learn and to serve?

Maybe the purpose of life is to unconditionally love?

Maybe the purpose of life is to know and serve God?

Maybe every moment offers a perfect opportunity to love, to enjoy, to celebrate, to melt, to play, to laugh, to smile, to dance, to sing, to be kind, caring, gentle, and compassionate?

Maybe sitting in stillness and silence is a service to the entire Creation?

Maybe thinking good thoughts is a service to the entire Creation?

Maybe, if I ever need help, all I ever have to do is say, “God, please help me!” and I’ll receive all the help I need?

Maybe if I ever need guidance, all I ever have to do is ask for guidance?

Maybe, truly, in order to receive anything, all I ever have to do is ask?

Maybe I can have anything I really want in life?

Maybe life is already complete and total and perfect, and for me to want anything is actually me just being ignorant of the perfection?

Maybe I can take a vow of silence for the rest of my life, and maybe that would be the greatest service I could provide?

Maybe we are one, and we are infinitely powerful?

Maybe we are Love and Peace itself?


OM Shanti

Glory to God in the Highest!

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