Go For It!

For the Highest Good. Amen!

Know what you want. Know the outcome you’re going for…know the target you’re aiming for.
And go for it!
If you don’t get it, if you miss…
Change what you’re doing…
Until you get it! Until you hit the target!

On the level of mastery of the ego/body/human pet, two great aspirations I have for this vessel are for it regularly wake up before 4 am and sit and meditate from 4-6 am and to eat only 1 meal a day.

I’ve had this aspiration for months if not years, primarily because I find it recommended in various spiritual texts and from teachers.

Alas, I have yet to succeed.

And yet, I’m persisting! I realized each month is a nice clean 30 days to build a new habit, even if that habit is only a baby step to arriving at the end habit I’m aiming for.

So, it is a journey!

As Lao Tzu says, the thousand mile journey begins with a single step.

The cool thing is, mastery over the tongue corresponds to mastery over sleep patterns, because what we feed the body affects how well it sleeps.

So, feed it moderately, sleep moderately – done!

This month, I’m working on both of the habits.

Once before, for several months, I experienced great success with being finished eating each day by 4pm. So, for this month, remembering the success of the past, I decided I would move it up 1 hour, to 3pm. So – that’s the challenge for the month! It’s tough, but 2 full days complete so far! Especially tough because one of my responsibilities is bringing an elderly woman to supper every night – but anyway that gives me an extra awesome opportunity to practice clear, compassionate communication and to come prepared with some entertaining stories / questions so that she doesn’t mind that I’m not eating with her. Of course, I find white lies also work – like if I tell her I had way too much for lunch – she’ll have compassion and understand my not choosing to eat in the evening.

So finished eating by 3pm….

Which at least last night led to me feeling crazy amount of energy in the evening and having a hard time falling asleep – alas it was easy to wake up at 3:45am!

So…we will see how the journey continues.

The thing is, “success is the progressive realization of a worthy ideal.” – Earl Nightingale.

So success is a daily thing, it is not like, “oh I’m only successful when I’ve consistently woken up at 4 am for a year.” Yes, that would be a success, but success can be each morning if waking up that early.

Success is daily! Hence the wisdom of 12 step groups, “One day at a time.” And John Wooden’s beautiful saying, “Make each day your masterpiece.” There is also an ancient sanskrit verse that emphasizes to live for this day!

This day is what we’ve got. Success is this day. It doesn’t matter where we are on the path. Today, even if we just take one step in the direction of one of our goals, that is a success. We don’t have to and cannot accomplish everything in one day, but we can make progress, and progress is success.

Ultimately, success is in the journey, not the destination (maybe another Lao Tzu quote?)

As long as we are progressing, and perhaps more importantly and valuable – enjoying the journey! – then what else matters?

Tony Robbins emphasizes how the most important decision in life is to decide to live in a beautiful state. That is basically like saying, enjoy the moment first, be at peace first, be happy first, and then from that joyful, peaceful, happy state, do what you want. Once you’re established in a positive state, take action, but prioritize the quality of your state first.

So then, our first priority is happiness and peace, and then go from there. Yet, if we are in a state of peace and happiness, is there really anything we need? No!

Success is ultimately in the present, and the present is the only reality. Now is the only time we have, and it is actually beyond time and eternal. So enjoy what is, and everything else will take care of itself.

Remember the happiest time of your life, get to that place internally, and stay there. 🙂

Of course, if you feel happy now, and perhaps remember a time that you were happier and more peaceful, then you can aspire to enhancing that quality of happiness and peace.

With happiness, peace, joy as the foundation…progress to ever greater happiness, peace, and joy, by offering beneficial service for the welfare of all life.

Dedication, devotion, freedom.

“Want not and waste not your happiness.” – Sri Swami Satchidananda.

Go Within! Established within, you can be without and flourish. Wear the world like a garment, not vulnerable to it – but master of it. Take care of it without being attached to it. If your garment gets a stain, do you cry? No! Accept it, change as needed, and stay happy. Don’t let the quality of your garment determine your quality of happiness!

Power is Within!

Kingdom is Within!

Is there any spiritual teaching more foundational than this?

All we are really looking for is within…everything else is just gravy!

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

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