The Abundant Life

For the Highest Good! Amen.

“Want not and waste not your happiness.” – Sri Swami Satchidananda

“Desirelessness is perfect bliss.” – Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

“If you want to have everything, don’t want anything, then everything will run after you.” – Sri Swami Satchidananda

Benjamin Franklin said something like, “There are two ways to increase your wealth. You can decrease your wants or increase your means.” – or some combination of both!

When I graduated from college, the CEO for Habitat for Humanity spoke at one of the events and asked 3 powerful questions,
What is uniquely you?
How do you define rich?
Who do you let influence you?

The “How do you define rich?” question was the big one for me at the time, and it serves me well to remember it.

The Abundant Life is living one day at a time.
The Abundant Life is cherishing what is present now and not taking it for granted.
The Abundant Life is appreciating what is present rather than desiring what is not present.

It is all a matter of awareness!

The mind/thoughts can be tenacious. The idea of lack arises, the idea of needing more, not having enough already, wanting more.

Ultimate security arises with unshakable faith, like the story of Job in the Bible. Even after losing everything, he would not say a word against God. Beyond all the dramas of the material world, we can abide in faith, knowing that ultimately God is taking care of everything, perfectly, always and forever.

When we accept the Presence of God in the Eternal Present, Now & Forever, then what is left to desire? Awake and aware of the Divine Presence, could we possibly ask for anything more?

Abundance is all about appreciation and gratitude. Lack and scarcity only exist as thoughts – they are not reality.

Remember – humility! Such humility that embraces, “I do not know.” God knows. I do not know.

There is a higher perspective and a higher way of seeing things in which everything is clearly perfect, complete, and total already. Nothing needs to change and there is nothing to do.

Love Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipotent – what more could we ask for?

Love rules the Creation! And Love rules in ways that are beyond the human intellect’s capacity to grasp. So, that’s why we let go of our arrogant sense of “I know” and we accept that “I do not know,” and then we can relax.

Perhaps paradoxically, the real ignorance we suffer from is the idea that “I know.” St. John of the Cross has a beautiful poem about “knowing without knowing, all science transcending.” We can know, just not with the intellect. We can know by the quality of awareness, but not with reason and logic. We can know with the heart, not the mind. Know by being, not by doing.

Real knowing is more like when the thoughts are totally calm and quiet, rather than when the thoughts are saying, “I’m hungry! That’s ugly! She’s mean! I want this.” Real knowing is not with thoughts, but real knowing is with awareness.

Real knowing is like the quality of awareness that arises from experientally realizing the truth of the idea that “everything is perfect,” or “everything is one,” or “God is Love, and Love is the only thing that’s Real.”

It is one thing to intellectually be able to say such ideas and memorize them and recite them, but it is another thing to know them by direct experience.

Go for the direct experience!

One way to go for the direct experience –

I like to read the work of Dr. David Hawkins in the mornings, and oftentimes I’ll read his words in describing God or the Self.

He says things like, “The Self lacks nothing. There are no questions to ask. Everything is known.”

So how could one experientially realize the truth of that?

Go throughout your day and don’t ask any questions. Just trust that on some level, everything is known.

When a question arises mentally, you can let it go, surrender it to God, and see that the thought basically arose from fear and from the illusion of lack and egoism. Let it go – and identify with that Self that does know, that lacks nothing and needs nothing.

There are no questions to ask!

Try it out.

Then again, since the topic of questions came up, I’ll just mention some of my favorite questions to ask, if I am going to ask them…

First a pair of powerful introspective questions that can be used in meditative practice –
What am I?
How am I aware or even know that I exist?

Some more questions that can be used either in meditation or daily life:
What serves the Highest Good?
How can I best serve the Highest Good?
How can I best serve Thee, Oh Lord?

What’s the best thing to do?
How is the best way to live?

Notice…best, best, best!…not settling for anything less than that 😉

Serving the Highest Good…one way or the other…
by dedication and devotion alone to that!

Even peeling a potato, in the name of service to the Highest Good, truly does serve the Highest Good –
and the Love present within radiates out to uplift and benefit All.

The Abundant Life…
it is about…
Purity of Heart, Purity of Intention, Purity of Purpose.
Living for the Welfare of All.
Absolute Faith in God.
Being Humble, Being Grateful.
And, on a practical level,
daily – doing what you can to cultivate skills + knowledge that are useful to people, thereby enhancing your capacities to be of service and contribute to the welfare of all. Praying and meditating will do this, and so would studying scriptures, reading books about human nature, communication, humor, personal development…I like all those tools because they are not dependent on outside ‘stuff’ – hence they are highly portable and easy to share!

Whatever you do,
do it for the benefit of all,
in service to the Highest Good,
and you will be Supremely Happy.


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