What Must We Do?

For the Highest Good! Amen.

One of the most liberating moments for me: when I understood that I didn’t need to save the world.

We don’t have to save the world!

Then what are we to do?

Well – we can think of it as – we need to save ourselves!

How do we do that?

By living virtuously, to the very best of our ability, and striving toward greater virtue and ethical perfection each day, each moment.

A simple way to think of is – courtesy of Dr. Hawkins – is to follow the 10 commandments and avoid the 7 deadly sins. That’s all there is to it!

For bonus points, study and follow the teachings in the Sermon on the Mount.

No need for further complication!

Walking into a library can be daunting – seeing thousands if not millions of books to read – that one has not read – perhaps feeling inadequate – perhaps even feeling, “I need to read all these books!” No, thankfully, that’s not necessary.

Even, walking through the streets of India, or through a big city, one can see so much poverty, or even so much trash. Do we think, “Stop everything! We are not moving until all of these people are fed, clothed, housed, and employed.” Or, “We are not moving until every piece of trash is properly disposed, as far as the eye can see.” No…this doesn’t seem to be the natural thing to do.

Even with the driving past people asking for money on the corner of a street or intersection, do we stop our entire lives in an attempt to ‘save and transform’ their life?

Sometimes, people do take action like this – and that is beautiful when it happens. It is all part of the journey. Alas, thankfully, such drastic action is not necessary.

The real gift we can give to the entire world and all creation is to become more loving, more peaceful, more joyful, every day. To see more and more beauty and perfection in all things -that uplifts everyone and everything.

Looking at the life of Mother Teresa, she likely fed millions of people. Yet, you can even read her own words, and she says things like, “I am not feeding these people. They are feeding me.” Truly, in giving, we receive. It is a beautiful paradox of creation and perhaps evidence of the Divinity in all things. When we give, we receive. So, for her, the path of serving the homeless resonated with her and allowed the perfect opportunity to become more loving each and every day. For another person, perhaps they are inspired to care for animals at a shelter, or yet another inspired to simply care for their family, or another takes a reclusive approach and cares for the entire world through prayer and meditation. Some people serve by educating others. It is all part of a balanced life. Who we serve or what we serve doesn’t matter so much. Whatever increases the radiance of the Love within us and enhances our capacity to Love, that is for us. As St. Paul says, “If I give…but have not love in my heart, it profits me nothing.” The love in our heart is what really matters.

Whatever you do, do it with love, do it with joy, do it with peace. A balanced life externally, and peaceful, loving, joyful, within. The external is constantly changing, but internal awareness need not change. The philosopher Camus has a great line, “In the midst of winter, I found there was, within me, an invincible summer.”

Love is invincible. Thou art That!

Glory to God in the Highest!

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