How to Enjoy Life More

For the Highest Good! Amen.


Confidence is like – feeling comfortable with what is, how you’ve lived your day, perhaps even your life. But really, it doesn’t have to reflect your whole life. Supreme confidence can arise in the moment, from your presence in the moment. You don’t have to have lived a perfect life thus far and saved millions of dollars and served thousands of people to feel confident. You don’t even need to have earned an excellent education or know all kinds amazing things to feel confidence. No, there are many ways to increase confidence, and all of them accessible in this moment.

One path to confidence I recently re-connected with:
Do things that are good, and live in a way that you know is good, regardless of whether or not other people around you are doing it or not. For example, you know it is a good idea to prayer before you eat and to slow down enough so you can really appreciate and enjoy the food. But how many of us do this? And what part of it is that know the validity of prayer, and what part of us it that denies the prayer and instead hurriedly eats? Let’s just say – the higher part is the part that knows the value of prayer, and the lower part is the part that wants to rush. When the higher triumphs over the lower, confidence arises. To have mastery over our own lower impulses – that is real confidence. Confidence really has nothing to do with other people, but it is our own reputation with ourselves. If we do what we know is good, we will feel good about ourselves. If we know things are good but instead we choose the lower, we might feel a bit shameful or guilty – or both! What a bad life that is…living with feelings of shame and guilt.

To resolve shame and guilt, forgiveness is essential. Whatever happened in the past is in the past – so let it go. Know that “it seemed like a good idea at the time.” Now you know better, and can do better. So confidence comes from being present, and living well in the present moment. If you are living well now, doing good things, being good, then you have every right to feeling awesome about yourself, regardless of whatever happened in the past.

You can be free from the past! It is your choice. Best to let it go and commit to excellence now. Commit to giving your best to serve all humanity and all of life. Commit to loving everyone and everything. Commit to cultivating a healthy body and mind. Commit to smiling and people and enjoying the entire creation. Commit to focusing on the positive and cultivating positive thoughts and positive mental attitudes. Commit to being grateful for the little things. Commit to going slowly enough from time to time so you can enjoy the birds, enjoy the flowers, enjoy the clouds. Commit to your own happiness and peace by living in a way that you know to be good!

Hallelujah 🙂

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