I Might Die Today, Therefore…

Glory to God in the Highest!


Thy Will Be Done.

A key attitude for peace: “I Trust Thy Will Completely.” – P.B.

Living with awareness of the death, or what we might call death – the leaving of the spirit from the human form…what a great way to live!

For some reason, it is relatively easy to ‘take life for granted’ and live like we’re just going to keep on living for a long time without any problems…and we forget that death is lurking and could strike any moment!

What I do if I knew I would die in the next 10 days?
What would you do?

Get all the ducks in a row! Make sure the Will is good, everything going to support good causes…and of course heal any broken relationships! Call up ‘enemies,’ and apologize and tell them you love them — and if you tell your enemy that you are scheduled to die in the next 10 days…that might very well help them to let go of whatever they’ve been holding against you as well.

Death is a great healer!
Remember death helps us cut through all the nonsense and tune into the essence.

let’s remember!

The scriptures say the time of death is already set and determined at the moment of birth, but how we die has not yet been decided. So, by all means live well…and if you end up living a really great life and everybody loves you and you take exceptional care of your physical body and mind…then — sad to say but you might end up dying in a car crash or even someone might have to murder you…because otherwise it would look like you’d just keep on living forever!
(Of course, dying a peaceful death in old age is also a possibility…)
I mention this because I find it helps me cope with some of the absurd events of the world..

Seeking first to understand is a key to peace.

In fact, the two spiritual keys to resolve any inner or outer conflict are faith and understanding.

To place an event in the context of faith and/or a cosmic understanding will lead us to a great sense of acceptance, and from acceptance we are free.

Resistance is futile!

So Faith in God – the presence of a Power that is always present, infinitely powerful, and infinitely loving. Nothing happens without the will of God – not even a single speck of dust can move without God’s Will!

Then…understanding…a cosmic understanding…sometimes referred to as the laws of karma…action and reaction…when something happens – you can trust it is the response to something prior. As we sow, so shall we reap. Everything is a boomerang, and whatever we send out returns back to us. Hence…speak wisely…think wisely…live wisely…be good and do good! If you be bad and do bad, that badness will come back to you and hurt! And that is why we hurt…so that we can learn to do better and to be better! Pain is a great teacher. Suffering helps to wake us up. That is why…I would nearly wish a near-death-experience upon everyone…because such experiences are so incredibly transformative — so refreshing! To be close to death and then survive — emerging with a new sense of gratitude and appreciation for all of life and a love for everyone and everything…such is the gift of a near death experience.

So by all means, meditate on death. Get close to it! Even fasting for a day or more gets you a little closer to death in a sense, and you very well might emerge from such an experience with a greater sense of love and appreciation for this precious gift of life.

When we appreciate and love life, we don’t waste it.
Are we wasting our life or are we using it for good purposes?

Great is our potential!
Vast is our capability!
The limit does not exist!

Go for the great goal of life!
Go for abiding peacefully and happily…eternally!
Let nothing disturb your peace and happiness.
And let your peace and happiness depend on nothing outside of you!
The Kingdom is Within You!

The Kingdom is Within You!
All the outside stuff…
it is just drama!
Don’t get swept up in the drama.
Movement is drama.
Just stay still, stay silent,
and enjoy.
Allow the body to move and to talk
but you remain still and silent within,
ever abiding awake and aware
of the Kingdom Within.
Do anything, have anything, be anything,
awake to that Kingdom!

Let Love be the guiding rule of your life,
and let nothing compromise your sense of Peace and Happiness,
know you are worthy of all the very best life has to offer!
And if Gandhi can do it, you can do it.
(Gandhi I think is one of the best modern day examples —
someone we pretty much all agree accomplished tremendous feats
and if you read about his life…you find he was somewhat ordinary…
just sincerely dedicated and devoted to Truth and Non-Violence and God…
but he did not superhuman feats…he was just fearless, infinitely empowered
by the purity of his heart and the goodness of his cause.
We have that same capacity!
Align your life with something great.
Dedicate yourself to something cosmic.
Stand for an eternal value or virtue with everything you do.
Live for something eternal.
And realize the great power and capacity you have!)

What is a great skill than being able to communicate?
And what is more essential to communication than being able to listen?
From listening we can understand.
And with understanding, we can connect
and ultimately realize our Oneness.
So it starts with listening.
Stay humble.
Be humble enough to listen to what people say to you, and to what nature says.
There is no need to express every opinion and thought that comes to mind.
Just keep listening.
If you can listen, you can be of service wherever you go,
you can travel the entire world and contribute immensely,
just by listening.
Who would not feed you and shelter you and care for you,
if you were willing to let them talk and listen to them?
And by listening, we can understand,
and with understanding, we can really serve people as they need to be served
and not just how we want to serve them.
Seek first to understand,
and understanding alone is a great service.
And remember the essence of understanding…
Buddha’s great truth,
“Life is suffering.”
And the only sin is ignorance, and we are all innocent!
We are all doing the best we can…
so in all circumstances,
have compassion.
Seek to understand, listen, practice compassion, feel for the suffering,
and if you listen and look closely enough, the Oneness emerges.
“They Live in Wisdom, who see themselves in All, and all in Them.”
Listen and Watch.
Give to the one who asks. Focus on giving.

If you were to die today,
what would people say about you?
What do you want people to say about you – and how can you live in such a way that you know it would be said?
Of course, this isn’t about people pleasing and catering to others…
Just live sincerely dedicated to whatever your highest values are,
and each day strive to align a bit more with them – whatever they are!
Living up to your own highest ideals is all anyone could ask…
not to conform to someone else’s standards, but to assess what you truly value,
and honor that more and more each day.

A journey about discovering what is our purpose here.
What is our niche?
What are we here to do?
What gifts have we been given that we can utilize to benefit all?
How can we best be of service?
What is the most we can do?

It can sound overwhelming, so that’s why I often resort to…
small acts with great love!
Even then…my kitchen is a mess!
But a mess does not need to be condemned.
Everything is perfectly as it is.
And yet, I can take action to clean it –
cleanliness is next to godliness!
At some point, yes, you can go beyond that
and see beauty in even the weeds and the trash,
but it is a good standard to keep things tidy.
Because…just think if a saint or sage was to visit your house,
wouldn’t you want it to be clean?
Of course the saint or sage wouldn’t care,
but wouldn’t you feel a little embarrassed if it was dirty?
If not, that’s fine — you’re in an advanced state!
But if you would feel embarrassed, it is best to take action
and to prepare for when you are visited by the Great Ones…
live in a way that you are always preparing to come into contact
with the Great Ones!
You never know when Jesus might stop by.
Do you have food prepared?
Do you have questions to ask?
Do you have entertaining stories to tell?
Do you have a good joke?
Would you be comfortable just sitting in silence with such a Master?
Hopefully so!
Jesus probably wouldn’t need any food or stories or jokes…
but why not be prepared with a few?

Communication is the master skill of life!
Communication is connection and it is love.
Communication is uniting with the other.
Communication is communion!
Communication is community and a nation.
Communication is everything.
If you know everything, but cannot communicate it,
what’s the point?
And remember…communication happens on all levels.
It is hardly what we say…
but it is mostly the energy we radiate…it is how we feel…
and it is how we live our lives –
that is how we are really communicating all the time.

How we live is an expression of what we value –
and what we value is the most important thing to communicate –
and if you value love – you communicate love –
and you can communicate love by listening, seeking to understanding,
letting go of whatever dramas you have in your life,
and just listening with a sincere, pure, open heart.
The Guest is God!
When you listen, you are listening to God.
God is present everywhere as everything.
So you can always melt into that Divine Presence.
Let go of the petty and experience the Infinite.


I don’t want to plagiarize,
and I also don’t want to cite everyone I quoted or didn’t quote…
so maybe I can just confess to being guilty!
And I take no credit for anything –
all Glory belongs to God!
And teachers referenced in the above include but not limited to
Sri Swami Satchidananda, Mahatma Gandhi, Dr. David R. Hawkins,
St. Francis, Stephen Covey,
God only knows who else!

All is One
And with a pure heart, with a pure intention,
dedicate to the good of all
there is nothing to fear.
All fear is an illusion!
Walk straight ahead, committed to spiritual truth.
And as the Buddha says, put no head above your own!
Trust your own, direct experience.
Like Gandhi, make your life an experiment.
Constantly test and experiment and explore!
Test the truth of the scriptures with your own life.
Seek the Highest Truth!
Put the teachings of Jesus to the test!
Are you really safe to give up everything and follow him?
Why not test it?
It is a test that will result in you experience greater happiness and freedom and beauty than ever before….
but don’t take my word for it!
You need to test it. You need to experience it directly.
You need to walk into the fear, and go through it, and emerge free!
There is nothing to fear.
Test it! Walk straight into your fears.
Watch the fears dissolve. You have all the Power!
A Pure Intention to know the Truth and serve the Highest Good is incredibly powerful
and you can do anything with a pure intention, a pure heart…
the power of purity!
You can walk anywhere in the world committed to Peace and Love.
Fear not!
Love is real Power. Love is real Strength. Love is Infinite!

Glory to God in the Highest!
OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti