“Learn to Want Well.” – Sri Swami Satchidananda

For the Highest Good of All — Amen!

Today I’ve been thoroughly immersed in a great drama
of how to best take care of an elderly woman
toward the end of her life.

Actually, I’ve been part of this drama for the past 4 years,
but only today did it turn into a great drama
when a seeming what i wish i could call deusexmachina
(i guess it depends how you look at it)
(Lol side note: apparently the opposite of deusexmachina is the devil…ahh!!!)
so anyway this character from out-of-the-blue
arrives on the scene with a new approach for handling this woman’s care –
essentially wanting to put her in a nursing home ASAP,
even though that is not her wish.

So anyway…without getting into too much detail I’ll share what I’ve gleaned and am continuing to glean from this scenario.

Wanting well for all parties is critical!
To end with a win / win / win / win ad infinitum!

Everyone wins…nobody loses…what a great outcome that would be!

So — what is the best-case scenario for the elderly woman?
Ditto for her friends & family?
Ditto for her heirs?

Certainly it would make sense the best case scenario for the elderly woman is the top priority since it is her life…

So what does she want? What would serve her best?
To want that, regardless of how it impacts me…that is to want well!

So even if that means I step out of the role of this job, if it serves the Highest Good then so be it!
But imagine the pain if I were to cling to this as a job even if it didn’t serve her well?
So to be free from the selfish desires and to want well for all…that’s a great space to be in.

Alrighty then – time to continue to process the details of this in a slightly more private space 😉

To continue to want well for all parties…for everyone…only the very best!


“I am a little pencil in God’s hands.” – St. Mother Teresa

For the Highest Good of All – Amen!

One of my favorite things about the words of the sages and saints,
especially when they speak in the first person,
is that ordinary folk like you and I
are not excluded from living the same truth they express.

For Mother Teresa to say, “I am a little pencil in God’s hands,”
means we can all live in and experience that reality.

For her to be aware of being a pencil in God’s hands
means that she was aware of God acting through her.
Like the puppet / puppet-master relationship,
God pulls all the strings, and she responds and moves appropriately.

So…it might be possible to look at that sort of puppet relationship
as a bad situation to be in…but actually when you consider who and what the puppet master is, it is the best!

If God is Love, and Love is pulling all the strings, then that is an optimal situation to be in.

The interesting dynamic is that it seems like we, as the puppets, might have some sense of autonomy from the puppet master…so maybe the analogy isn’t totally complete (or is it?)

Either way, to live as a pencil in God’s hands is to listen within
to the voice of Love, and allow that pure voice that only wants what is best for everyone to move you and shape your life.

We can all aspire to be aware of that Divine Relationship, to see and realize God as moving us and living through us. As the pencil, we do the actions, yet we don’t have to feel overly responsible for anything that happens – after all God is the one that is writing! So we can relax and trust that everything will be okay, remembering we are just the pencil, and God is the One moving us.

So…being the pencil is a lot like just being the audience to a movie. The movie is on the screen and the audience sits back and relaxes and watches the movie. And, of course any reasonable movie goer attends the movies with the aspiration of being entertained and enjoying the show — likewise we can aspire, as pencils, to watch and enjoy the show. That is our duty. A pencil can essentially just be…it is completely surrendered to the will of Nature. So we too can live in that surrendered state, simply being, letting everything happens as it does — eternally present, every watchful, enjoying the show, and perhaps the greatest enjoyment comes from the awareness of that great hand that is moving us every step out of the way.

We can see God’s hands moving all of life in all of its expressions. Even if it looks bad, it only looks bad from our limited perspective. God as the master writer / puppeteer, knows the grand play and orchestration of all the pieces together, so we can let go and trust that everything serves its Higher Purpose, constantly aware of the Power of Love moving through us, living through us.

Our life is an expression of Love. So there is nothing to do about it…just be aware of it, and you’ll likely enjoy it far more. Just to be aware…consider the Source of Life. And know that same Source ever-present, moving through all, living as all. One Spirit!

To be the audience…what is the movie theater commandment?
Sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

What is Life About?

For the Highest Good of All…Amen!

Reflecting on this journey through life,
recalling the most vivid memories from the youngest ages,
what stands out
how much trouble I caused.
Always up to no good!
And…after 5 years living at an ashram…
still doing the penance 😉

Really though…
a troublemaker and rascal
all the way up to high school and into college.
For me, one of the biggest shifts in Life
happened when I chose to go on a service trip for Spring Break.


This service trip was a heaven on earth as far as I could tell.
First of all, our group was probably 15 people or so –
with 3 guys and 12 girls —
so that is already a great start for a guy in college…
and I could probably just leave it and that and you could understand
how the trip was totally awesome.

And with all the service roles I’ve engaged in…
the amount of wonderful people I meet overflows.
Everywhere I look, great people. Happy people. Loving people.

And what more do we want than to be surrounded by happy, loving people?

We could ask — why are these people so happy and loving?

The opportunity to be of service to another gives us meaning and purpose and significance in our life – it gives us a sense of contributing to the welfare of another – what could be better?

How good it feels to help another!
How good it feels to know that we have the capacity to give something to someone else.
And in many cases our giving can be of such high quality that we even receive a smile or a “Thank you” as we offer our service.
Nothing like being appreciated!

SO the answer to
“What is Life about?”

Given that service is a pathway to peace, love, and happiness – then yes!
Ultimately then Life is really about discovering whatever it takes for us to abide in an awareness and experience of Life that is Peaceful, Loving, Happy.

Service can take us to that space — known as the path of Karma Yoga.

And, for me currently, service is the path that is easiest to understand and relate to — at least for anyone who has ever volunteered, or worked, or given a few dollars to a homeless person or to charity…you likely had a glimpse of the joy of service. And the more we serve, the more we experience that joy.

So as the saying goes — follow your bliss! Or follow what brings you the sense of joy and happiness. And then, having that joy and happiness, you can share it, which is the real gift.

The beautiful thing about service is…
anything and everything can be done in the context of service.
In the spirit of being of service to humanity, I can make my bed, I can use the bathroom, I can eat breakfast, I can read, I can write, I can walk, I can laugh.
Every action can be performed in the spirit of service, and it all adds up, and everything we do is like a wave that ripples out and impacts the entire Creation, so every moment is an opportunity to impact the Creation in a happy and loving way.

Never miss an opportunity to serve!
Just to hold the door for another person…what a gift.
And to know that the person walking through the door is really serving you,
by providing you with the opportunity to serve them.
So everybody wins – and gratitude abounds.

And just to be clear, work is not necessarily any different from service.
To work, you are serving someone, right?
And perhaps there is something about our work being more fulfilling when we are serving people in greater need…but I don’t know…
Work! Serve! Love! Be Happy 🙂
An opportunity to contribute to the welfare of another…

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” – Rabindranath Tagore

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!


For the Highest Good of All – Amen!

To expand
our sense of identity

To invigorate us
with untold amounts of strength and energy

To open our hearts
and remember the great gift of life

When we abide in an awareness
that our life is not just for us
but is for all
that is freedom.

I can dedicate this life
to an eternal principle
like Love
and so long as there is Love
I am there with it,
my life is a part of it.

To live eternally,
live for the eternal.

To become grand,
dedicate your life
to something grand.

A dedicated moment
repeated again and again
leads to a dedicated life.

A dedicated moment
returns Peace.

A dedicated moment
is the essence of fulfillment.

To feel fulfilled
is the gift
of dedicated moment
after dedicated moment.

Fulfillment in life…
to dedicate our life to something great,
to dedicate our life to something glorious,
to dedicate our life to something worth dying for.

To live for a Noble Purpose
to care for the welfare of others
to allow virtue to guide your actions
so that everything done benefits not only you
but it serves the Highest Good of everyone and everything
not necessarily by any tangible, visible result
but by the more subtle, more powerful energy of intention.

To dedicate a life and to serve the Highest Good of All,
nothing needs to be done externally,
but rather it is an internal resolve.
With the internal foundation built upon a heart of gold,
every external action blesses all of life.

We can serve all humanity with a loving thought.
A dedicated life reveals so much goodness in Creation –
until you see it, you might not believe it.

Steeping like tea
in goodness –
dedicated to the Good of All.

Soak it in!

The nice thing about steeping…or soaking…
is that the initial decision requires effort
but once you’re in
you’re in
and then you can just relax.
Once you’re in…
it is all letting go, relaxing, being.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Dedicating the Energy to the Highest Good!

For the Highest Good of All…Amen!

True confessions…
in an unplanned way
I saw an incredibly beautiful image of another person
and it was more or less G / PG image – so nothing graphic or revealing –
but the total beauty in the image was so abundant
that it transformed the day for me.

So now I sit here wondering how can I honor that beauty
and what to do with this shift in awareness
and what comes to mind is to live in such a way
that I feel worthy of being with it.

As if to think,
If I knew there was a perfect partner for me,
who I admired in every possible way,
how would I live to attract such a person into my life?
Sometimes I think I don’t live to my highest standard
because there isn’t that external motivation…
alas of course the external motivation is somewhat illusory
but it can assist on the path.

When I think of the service I’d like to offer to humanity,
as much as I am content doing housekeeping work or preparing meals or insert humble activity here,
it would be fun to lead workshops and teach people yoga and meditation and some of the basic spiritual teachings and to be part of people’s spiritual journeys in that way.
And of course — some part of me thinks it would be way more fun with a partner!

So – if I am to fill that role, and possibly to attract a partner to offer that service with – how would be best for me to live now?
Of course, to really teach, I have to live the teaching,
and if a spiritual teaching is non-attachment,
then I better be content with or without a partner to teach with.
If one arrives, that’s great – if not, equally great. God’s Will.
But it does seem like it would be really fun with one 😉

Perhaps in preparation to teach anything, it would be valuable to write something like a book – compiling core teachings and life stories that might help to illustrate the points. Then that serves as a platform and also could serve to do the teaching itself.

So live and teach such spiritual truths as unconditional love, the Kingdom Within, non-attachment, non-judgment, compassion, reverence for life (appreciation and gratitude), the long-term good over the short-term pleasure, Power vs. Force as Dr. Hawkins puts it…gentleness, kindness, humility…purity of heart…fearlessness…discipline…truthfulness…harmlessness…spiritual study…listening….relax & have faith…praise the Lord!…dedicate your life…oneness…small acts with great love…a positive perspective and attitude…universal life…the cosmic comedy: laughter & playfulness…emulate success…always learning, always evolving….know nothing…freedom…beauty, simplicity, & cleanliness…be of service: give, give, give…Prioritize your Peace…Daily Greatness & Victories: Live for this Moment…The Endless Opportunity…

Alrighty then — those seem like enough topics for a book. Now for a bit of clarifying and organizing…
I do like the potential title: The Endless Opportunity
with perhaps a subtitle about Tools for Spiritual Growth in Daily Life
this is fun!
Ok then we need some more structure…
probably would be good to take some time to expand on my own journey and what kickstarted the journey and launched me on the spiritual quest…and the source of whatever tools / information i’m sharing.
— then maybe one section of the book would be about a sample day with the silver lining of spiritual practice/opportunity…
– perhaps a section about my greatest ‘failures’ / learning experiences on the path
– and then maybe just a page / chapter on a few of the specific tools / approaches mentioned above. perspective and attitude and context is pretty much the name of the game. Although…might be fun to distinguish between Inner Practice and Outer Practice. Could even play out sample scenarios — like different ways to see “There are dishes in the sink” – and all the different mental games one could run through as part of processing that scenario, and how there are several outcomes that work out favorably…and then comes in the value of flexibility and adaptability…

Anyway…nothing like learning from the great experiences of life!

And as much as — yes ideally the motivation and inspiration is totally internal and there is such an awesome level of purity that the sole aspiration is to know God and serve God…at the same time — to some people God might look like the perfect life partner — so how would you prepare for that meeting?
How would you prepare to meet God?
How would you prepare to meet your perfect life partner?
The answer might not be all that different…

In either case, some activities like mindless eating, excessive watching of shows/movies, sexual escapades, anything that would harm oneself or another is pretty much out of the question – at least from my perspective…
and then the good qualities and actions would manifest more:
– more prayer and meditation
– more gratitude and appreciation
– more generosity and charity
– more selfless service and volunteering
– more simplicity, order, and cleanliness
– more exemplary living!

Ah…yes I seem to be really resonating with God in the form of a totally awesome woman in this moment…I hope that’s okay, God! Thou Art Omnipresent, after all 🙂

And, it is to our benefit that God is always present and all-knowing,
all-knowing in particular is great because that means we are accountable for everything,
in the same way our perfect life partner we can see has that all-knowing awareness,
and really it is true because who and how we are in any given moment
is the sum total of how we’ve lived our entire life —
so think we’ll be ready to meet our perfect partner and be on our A Game
when we stayed up late partying and watching movies…
well that doesn’t make sense.
Our Perfect Partner knows everything about us, perhaps not consciously..but subconsciously it is all known.
So if we have vices, they are known. And, if we are working on correcting or letting go of our vices and our sincere, then that is known too.
So there is endless hope!
Of course, that’s an issue if we have a vice and very little desire to let go of it.
Like…nail picking. I have a hard time letting go of that.
But, when a beautiful woman is present who I’m interested in,
it is easier to take better care of my nails and everything else physical,
which might sound a bit vain or petty or whatever else —
but alas I am grateful for the extra incentive and motivation!

For me, the vices to let go of and/or places to polish up in my life to prepare for God / the perfect partner:
– mindful, relaxed, conscious eating.
– free from nail picking
– more humor…always more humor 😉 more play and fun forever!-
– i.e. less seriousness…especially less thinking about finances…what a bore and drag that is!
– more awareness when walking, i.e. present-moment awareness, engaged in spiritual practice/awareness each moment
– greater awareness of the spiritual essence rather than the material nonsense
– handwriting…because why not? sometimes it is good, sometimes sloppy. if handwriting is always beautiful…perhaps the chances of life revealing itself as always beautiful increase!
– just pointing out some potential areas for growth…not being hard on myself…it is just helpful to put areas for growth out there and not hide things…besides God / Perfect Partner know everything anyway!

God really is that Perfect Partner…each moment…each moment providing perfectly what we need for our spiritual growth and Highest Good!

So perhaps it is just ego that likes the idea of having a female partner…
like it needs some motivation to work —
if not working to support and play with another —
well then there is working for the love of the work and service –
which is a beautiful thing too.
Work in gratitude for the opportunity to be of service and contribute!
Then it just comes down to the motivation for wise action regarding the finances…I mean probably nothing too wrong with giving it all away, I’m sure God would make sure it balances out…

Anyway let’s close with one of my favorite quotes from the Dalai Lama,
“The more you are motivated by Love, the more fearless and free your actions will be.”

The Power of Purity…acting from a pure heart out of Love, one experiences fearlessness, which is true freedom. Yes…acting with positive intentions, inspired by Love, there is nothing to fear…because you have the Power of Love on your side!…which is like the ultimate power for Good…Love never fails!

OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

The Bigger Picture Lessons of Life to Learn

For the Highest Good of All…Amen!

What are some of the greatest lessons to learn?
To learn meaning to experience and to realize totally and completely, without end, the truth of a true concept … beyond any shadow of a doubt…to know it permanently!
So, some say “learning is behavioral change,” and to add the idea of “permanently” to that might help when it comes to spiritual learning – the big, big learning!

So some key concepts to learn and to realize fully the truth of via direct experience…
1. Unconditional Love for All That Is (i.e. animate and inanimate objects alike!)
2. That the Source of Peace, Happiness, and Joy is entirely Within (i.e. the Kingdom of Heaven is Within You)
3. To put point 2. another way — Non-attachment. That is, to realize happiness is independent of anything external, so to not project happiness upon anything, thereby freely allowing all things to come and go without fear or concern.

Okay…I think that is enough to handle for one lifetime.
The key is to shift beyond an intellectual knowing or a believing to a concrete, unshakable, experiential knowing because one has become established in that Truth. When Thou Art That, there is no doubt about it.

To know beyond a shadow of a doubt…
The Infinite Power of Love
The Perfection of Creation
The Goodness in All

OM Shanti, Shanti, Shanti

Consider Everyone Before Taking Action

For the Highest Good…Amen!

For the Highest Good of All —
The Highest Good somewhat implies “of All”
but anyway that element is key!

We don’t just want the good of a select few
and the bad of others…
but to really abide in Peace
is to want well for everyone and everything.

And – as much as one’s own sense of Peace is the priority —
that Peace may waver if one neglects the Good of All.

Tonight I had a secret mission to deliver chocolate to someone
and I succeeded!
Alas, in the process, there is a chance I disturbed the Peace of others —
and in doing that, I disturbed my own sense of Peace.
Before taking the action, I didn’t consider how others might feel impacted —
I only considered ‘crossing this item off my to-do list’
and ensuring the person had the chocolate –
I didn’t think how I could negatively impact others by disturbing the flow of the evening.

Anyway…to learn from the mistake and to correct
so that the mistake does not happen again is essential
for allowing the energy of forgiveness to heal the situation
and move one past any sense of guilt or shame.

So…here I am…now remembering how important it is to consider
the Highest Good of All
before taking action,
rather than being petty-minded and focused on just a limited few —
to consider the welfare of all really results in high quality action
that ripples Peace everywhere.

What serves the Highest Good?
Will this action benefit all and harm none?
If it harms one, it is probably not worth it.
A perfection action benefits at least one and harms none.
So perfection is possible!
We just need to consider…and to remember…

To go slowly enough to not get caught in the petty drama of worldly action
but to remember the Higher Purpose of our Being
and keep things in the Divine Context –
then there is Peace!

In the same way,
I was tasked with the mission of leading guided meditation at 6am this morning…
and sure enough I slept through it.
That means there were very likely a few precious souls this morning
waiting in a room at 6am for someone to lead them in meditation
and no one showed up!
Now how am I supposed to forgive myself for that?
For one – correct the behavior so that it doesn’t happen again.
Of course, another possibility is do not accept such invitations so long as my living situation is as it is – staying with an elderly woman who frequently wakes up in the middle of the night and quality of sleep is not that great.
So – maybe sometimes it is okay to say no.
At the same time, I didn’t exactly help my chances of waking up early by eating a big meal late at night.
So…to live in the wisdom that we know to be true.
And honoring our own word is so important!
I could be very hard on myself for failing in this honoring this commitment –
but yet I know that wouldn’t serve me or anyone else…
so instead I have to put things in a perspective that benefits all and harms none, which means looking for the learning opportunity in any and all adversities.

Adversities are blessings in disguise!
As long as we learn from the challenges, we are receiving the blessings.
And to enjoy the good times is to also receive the blessings.
Blessings in Abundance!

To live for the benefit of All,
not just a select few who I like more than others…
but to Love all and to serve All.
That means every moment presents an opportunity to Love and Serve
because every moment is an interaction with the All.
So…that’s the good life, filled with endless opportunities to Love and Serve.


Seek First to Understand

For the Highest Good…Amen!

Ah…the glories of Life!
The drama of stuff!
Maya and Moha…Illusion and Delusion…
What to do, what to do?

More, more, more!
But what for?
Why more?
More for more!
But after that –
and then what?

Once it is all within your reach –
what then?

What do we have at our disposal?
In the form of attention, time, money, etc.
Those are our resources!
So how we use those resources demonstrates what we value.

For a while –
I’ve been holding various cryptocurrency –
and even after doing an abundance of research on the topic
it still is not abundantly clear to me how such technology
will benefit the world.
Or…at least to say…it is not as clear to me as it is
how the services of companies like Microsoft, Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon,
benefit the world.

So…I realized…
I’ve been keeping money in cryptocurrency with the sole notion of it increasing in value — basically with the notion that it offers a high return on value.
I put the money there not because I necessarily support anything it stands for (although I do to some degree) but largely because it seemed like a good opportunity to invest in something that would return more money years later.
I still think it is the case that the cryptocurrency market will continue to boom — and really the whole industry is in the beta phase if not before that —
and once it becomes more mainstream it will probably be more evident how it benefits humanity — but for now the benefits are not clear, and it remains a speculative asset. So the value in it is that it might increase …and perhaps a few years from now its utility will become more evident.

Alas, to see in my daily life how a company like Apple increases the quality of my own life – that’s an awesome thing. I use my phone to stay connected and to communicate, and facebook also helps me do that, and Microsoft, and google…so all these companies working together to increase the quality of my life on a daily basis. What great causes to give money to!

point being —
when we give our energy to what we understand as valuable
then we are aligning our lives with our values
and experience peace and ease.
If we give our energy to things we don’t understand
then we aren’t living in congruence with our values.
How could we value something we don’t understand?
Speculating is not a path to peace…
Just like money for the sake of money guarantees nothing…
but money utilized toward a worthy cause – what a great use indeed!

To give the time, the money, the energy and effort toward that which we understand and value, that’s living aligned, and that will be a peaceful life.
If we give our resources toward that which we do not understand out of fear/greed, then how could that bring us peace?

And then…thinking about purchasing precious metals —
well what do I do then – stockpile them in my closet?
No…usefulness is a virtue!
Let the people and companies who find real usefulness in such metals
to utilize them appropriately.
If I have a shiny gold coin that I look at every day
then maybe that does bring some utility to me,
but otherwise if I just have it to stash away for a lifetime –
what’s the point of that? wouldn’t it be better for such items to be in a place where they are given attention and admired?

And then, of course, the charitable causes…
Nothing like giving to a worthy cause!
Yet, charitable organizations don’t necessarily have as the top priority
a high return on investment.
So, if you have capacity to invest an earn, then give a percentage each month to the worthy organizations, everybody wins.
I could give everything I have right now to the Red Cross,
but then I wouldn’t have anything more to give – at least monetarily – …
well okay i’ll stop right there in attempting to justify a lack of total abundant giving to worthy causes vs. investing in service-oriented & growth-oriented companies.

The key thing is…
What can we do with our resources so that we experience peace?
It will vary for each of us, given our life experience, understanding, etc.
So for me, for a while, to feel peaceful I needed to have money in bitcoin,
because I understood it as ‘the investment of a lifetime,’ and by many standards it still might be. Yet, in this current moment, to align more with my present values, it seems more appropriate to invest money in companies that are already actively providing services that i greatly value and benefit from and that others do too – thereby supporting and affirming those services in my own ‘small’ way — like casting a vote!

So thinking —
what could I do financially so that I’d feel at peace with the monetary positions I’m in if I were to die in the next week?
*Well…having money in cryptocurrency could look like, “the guy was going for easy way to riches,” — perhaps not that inspiring. Although, at the same time being all-in on crypto could look inspiring — because it could look like a demonstration of fearlessness, having very high risk tolerance — which is kind of awesome in its own way (uh oh, just writing it might move back in it 😉 )
*Having 0 funds and having given it all away would be a pretty cool way to go out — of course the will could also serve that purpose…to distribute the funds…
* having funds in stocks like microsoft, apple, google, facebook, would be affirming my value of those technologies and the service they offer, connecting us, helping us all to communicate, and enjoy the database of human creativity and knowledge. So…that currently seems pretty good to me! and of course amazon, the embodiment of convenience, saving time so that we can utilize it to do other things!

In all aspects of our life –
how we can align with our values?
How can we align more in what we eat? In what we wear? In what we read and think about? In what we invest in? In what we purchase? In what we do with our time?

Recently, I have been spending time (as you can see) writing more on here,
which I do enjoy and value for many reasons. For one, it feels like a service opportunity – a way of giving something to those who might pass by this website. It is also somewhat healing for my consciousness/being, as it helps to process information and events. And it is fun! Probably healthy in a variety of ways.

It also ensures that I’m not going to die tonight with regrets…
or at least if there was something I felt I desperately needed to communicate…
at least I could write it on here and maybe someone could find it.

This must be inspiring, right? All these references about preparing to die. Haha…well we never know when it might happen! Right? So might as well prepare. Imagine — pretty soon I might be all prepared — and then still have 50 more years to go…and the whole time i could be prepared and just be wholeheartedly serving and giving and enjoying every moment. Of course…even preparing to die is serving and benefiting humanity in its own way — if only a bit less tangible than serving food in a soup kitchen. Alas…it all counts…

And when we get down to it — what matters perhaps above all else is —
am i experiencing peace in this moment, or some positive emotion?
If not, how can i shift into a positive space?
The more positivity, the more we subtly benefit all.
If we are negative, how we can really be contributing?

So to always be contributing by remaining happy, grateful, cheerful – whatever positive emotion it is. And sometimes that means taking action if we catch our energy poorly aligned with our values.

Align, align, align!

When in doubt, give more. Volunteer more. Simplify more.

Beware of the illusion and delusion…
don’t get tricked to think that happiness is outside!
And don’t get tricked to thinking that something matters more than your own peace.
Your own peace is the foundation for all goodness that can come from you.
With Peace, how greatly we can serve.
Without it, how greatly we need to be served!
So…have peace to give peace, and that is the great gift we can give.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Learn from the Lows

For the Highest Good – Amen!

“The Guru annoys,”
One of my favorite life mottos from years past.
Anything that annoys us –
is an incredible learning opportunity.
Because, in the midst of feeling annoyed,
there lies the potential
of never feeling annoyed from that experience again.
So, if I stub my toe,
and feel emotionally upset about it,
if I step back for a moment and see it as an opportunity to learn
that my happiness does not depend on whether or not there is a sensation
of pain from a stubbed toe, and that I can remain peaceful regardless of the pain,
then forever my life transforms for the better.
If, instead we experience pain or negativity without stepping back to learn from it,
then if it happens again, it will bother us again, and again, and again,
until we learn the lesson.
So…learn the lesson!

I had a great experience today
of feeling robbed of what I would consider a large sum of money
and the mind created so many stories and looked at the event from so many angles
and thankfully at some point it came around to the spiritual perspective on the matter –
and I saw that the money that I thought I lost was basically a gift anyway — like it was never mine to begin with. And, even if it was mine, was a sum of money really worth getting upset about and no longer feeling peaceful?
And I came around to accepting the justice of God / the universe, trusting that everything balances, and seeing that ultimately the world serves to impart spiritual lessons, so this sense of loss was an incredible opportunity for learning and spiritual gain.
Yes…so often material loss can result in great spiritual gain!
And, sure enough, after coming to peace with the lost money, and then resolving to take the appropriate action without feeling stressed about any of it, but simply going step by step, then I come to find out that the money wasn’t stolen anyway.
It all works out!
So even just to have the sense of being robbed – and to live through that experience, and to extract the learning opportunities from it – as a thought experience — how valuable!
What if all of the things I call “I, me and mine,” get destroyed, die, or burn to the ground? What then? Could I still feel peaceful and happy and contribute to the welfare of all?
If I lost everything, could i still be happy?

Which reminds of me of another wild event from this day..
driving along the road in the spirit of voluntarily being of service to a friend,
‘my’ new gift of a car almost gets nailed by a deer running across the road!
It was actually daylight, and I was going slowly enough that I could see this deer running even and then perpendicular to the car, and part of me couldn’t believe that it would actually run straight into the car…but anyway as it approached running from the left I gently steered the car a bit over to the right…and sure enough the deer seemed to just very gentle graze the car without running into it — almost like the faintest touch, enough to say hi and wake up!
So I woke up.
At that moment, in the car, I was singing some silly song which doesn’t necessarily have the most inspiring lyrics. So, after the near destructive dear incident, I chose my choice of song to a mantra to build the holy vibration.
And, I also ‘somewhat’ resolved to no longer drive my car in service in that capacity…there are just way too many dear — feels like high risk and low return and potential huge resentment toward the person I’m helping…so I plan to look into ways to utilize another vehicle insured by the ashram…since I am helping the person more or less on the ashram’s behalf.

The lessons to learn!
Near catastrophes are perhaps the best blessings
because we get hit with the effect of the catastrophe
without having to suffer through it for an extended period of time.
Of course…maybe those near catastrophes are preparing us for the big ones!
Learn to surf the small waves…then when the big ones come perhaps we are ready.

Take care of the little things, the big things will take care of themselves.
Hence…I’m sticking to keeping my room clean!
I like the idea of dying with a clean room…that sounds really promising to me.
Of course…happy to keep on living too – so long as i am contributing to the welfare of all life – and doing my best to love all. Whatever is God’s Will – I accept and surrender to it!

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Live with Heart. Don’t Settle.

For the Highest Good…Amen!

Let the Heart move you.
Don’t go try and move the Heart.
Want well for everyone and everything –
that awakens the Heart.
And now listen.

There is nothing to fear
when the intention is pure.
When you only want well for all,
and want nothing for yourself alone,
you are free from all fear.
Because you are aligning yourself
with the welfare of the entire Creation
so there is then nothing
in the entire Creation
to fear
because you Love and Care for it All.
Why would you fear something that you Love and Care for?
If you really Love something, you would gladly die for it,
you would serve it ceaselessly, and you would give it everything you could.
with that kind of Love,
you are not holding onto anything,
so you have no more fear of losing anything,
because you are so ready to give it all anyway.

What a relief!
The great relief of living a selfless life,
and in so many ways it is
the most selfish decision you can make!
Selfish in that it benefits you the most,
for in a selfless life, you experience maximum happiness and joy.
You might not experience the material wealth
that sometimes accompanies an ordinarily selfish life,
but you will bask in the glories of the spiritual wealth
that accompanies the extraordinarily selfish life,
which is a selfless life.

don’t settle for material abundance.
Seek the spiritual abundance,
for that is the real wealth
that serves you a whole lifetime and beyond.

Don’t settle for being selfish over your dollars.
Be selfish over your happiness and peace!
And how do you do that?
By living a selfless life,
by living only for the welfare of others,
by living only to serve others,
that is the path to enduring happiness,
to perennial peace.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!