“Learn to Want Well.” – Sri Swami Satchidananda

For the Highest Good of All — Amen!

Today I’ve been thoroughly immersed in a great drama
of how to best take care of an elderly woman
toward the end of her life.

Actually, I’ve been part of this drama for the past 4 years,
but only today did it turn into a great drama
when a seeming what i wish i could call deusexmachina
(i guess it depends how you look at it)
(Lol side note: apparently the opposite of deusexmachina is the devil…ahh!!!)
so anyway this character from out-of-the-blue
arrives on the scene with a new approach for handling this woman’s care –
essentially wanting to put her in a nursing home ASAP,
even though that is not her wish.

So anyway…without getting into too much detail I’ll share what I’ve gleaned and am continuing to glean from this scenario.

Wanting well for all parties is critical!
To end with a win / win / win / win ad infinitum!

Everyone wins…nobody loses…what a great outcome that would be!

So — what is the best-case scenario for the elderly woman?
Ditto for her friends & family?
Ditto for her heirs?

Certainly it would make sense the best case scenario for the elderly woman is the top priority since it is her life…

So what does she want? What would serve her best?
To want that, regardless of how it impacts me…that is to want well!

So even if that means I step out of the role of this job, if it serves the Highest Good then so be it!
But imagine the pain if I were to cling to this as a job even if it didn’t serve her well?
So to be free from the selfish desires and to want well for all…that’s a great space to be in.

Alrighty then – time to continue to process the details of this in a slightly more private space 😉

To continue to want well for all parties…for everyone…only the very best!


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