Blessings in Disguise: Mandatory Austerity!

For the Highest Good! Amen.

Let’s define austerity as a deliberate and intentional practice dedicated to the benefit of all. So…it is like a sacrifice.

And now we are all being asked to sacrifice for the benefit of all — we are all being asked to live with awareness of the wellbeing of others, and to live in a way that cares for and respects the wellbeing of all.

Yes – we are all being asked to live in a sacrificial way for the benefit of all. And, for now – at least in the USA, it is still more-or-less an optional choice, hence perhaps some people are still resisting — but soon it could even become a mandatory lockdown and we’d all be forced to start live pure and holy lives in honor and out of respect for the welfare of all 😉

Mandated holiness! This could finish in a pretty awesome way.
How many people will have glimpses of the Infinite in these quarantined times?
Or…of course if the time is spent in media saturation, maybe there might not be too much spiritual benefit — but even still the austerity of staying in or nearby your home for a month or two or twenty would likely bestow a radically advanced awareness and understanding of life.

In the yogic tradition, there are some sayings about austerities taken on for 12 years at a time, and the benefit that follows such a discipline. For example, if one speaks nothing but the truth for 12 years, then after 12 years, everything one says becomes true! There is a similar benefit about if one stays in one place for 12 years…and I don’t quite remember the benefit but it is something awesome! Anyway…even if practiced for just a few weeks or months, one starts to get a taste of the benefit.

So we will all get a taste of the benefits of austerity.

Very interesting times ahead. Massive uncertainty and massive opportunity to ponder, to reflect, to pray, to meditate, to dream, to align, to serve, to sacrifice for the welfare of all!

As Gandhi may have said….Joy in life comes from living for the welfare of all.

May we all realize greater clarity about how we can live for the welfare of all.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Practical Guidance for Navigating Coronavirus

For the Highest Good of All – Amen!

After now watching/listening to/reading 20+ hours of programming regarding the Coronavirus, I feel pretty darn close to an expert.

And basically a few key ideas stick out:
For the benefit of everyone, including our individual self,
it is best to pretend that we already have the virus
and thereby it becomes our responsibility to stay as healthy as possible
and to do everything we can to ensure that we don’t spread the virus to others.

Essentially, this means to quarantine as much as possible, for as long as possible, until the global drama calms down. Currently, it seems like a minimum of 2 months from now which would be Mid-May.

And, for moments when not isolated, for sure practice social distancing and keep 6 feet between you and other people,
and know the virus primarily spreads via droplets so
the one recommendation I would put out here that I haven’t heard doctors say is that if you are going to speak with someone — even if still 6 feet away —
don’t face the person but rather face away so any droplets from your mouth aren’t going toward the other person.

Then the other common guidance from doctors:
– wash your hands regularly
– refrain from touching your face as much as possible

Some other novel ideas I picked up via emails:
– if the virus gets in your mouth and you drink water within 15 minutes of its arrival, then the water will flush it down into your stomach where it will die —so this potentially means it would be beneficial to take sips of water every 15 minutes or so. I haven’t heard this recommendation corroborated by doctors on television, but apparently it is a recommendation from doctors in Taiwan or something like that.

Anyway…the main thing is to keep as much space as possible from other people as frequently as you can for as long as you can.

It certainly changes the dynamics of every day life, and in a way points to the real purpose of this life — novel experiences like this offer an abundance of opportunity for spiritual growth and awareness — so let us seize that and embrace the new way of life for a bit and open to all the opportunities it provides for us to grow and practice non-attachment to habituated ways of being, growing increasingly aware of the kingdom within!

Infinite Love and Peace!

OM Shanti OM