What is the Truth?

Oh Goodness, what a can of worms!

Does 2 + 2 always equal 4?  Eh…let’s not talk about math.  Even if it may be vaguely related to the Truth, it’s not exactly what I specialize in.

However – experience!  There’s something I know about. What kind of experience?  Personal experience!  The best kind, indeed.

Someone once said, “Experience is the mother of all wisdom.”    Perhaps wisdom is related to the Truth.  If one has experience and gains wisdom, then that wisdom manifest itself in behavioral change. Wyatt Woodsmall actually insists that learning is behavioral change.  If whatever you are so-called “learning” doesn’t produce a behavioral change, then there is little learning taking place.  Just so, thousands of doctors, family, and friends could tell you that drinking soda is unhealthy, but you still might not make a change.  So even if people might be “educating” you, if it’s ineffective and not producing behavioral change, then you aren’t really learning anything.  However, if you drink seven sodas a day for a year and notice symptoms of sluggishness, headaches, and obesity, maybe then – and possibly only then – will your gain wisdom from your experience and finally make that behavioral change for the Greater Good!  (Side-note: “Water is the only drink for a wise man.” – Thoreau)

It is one thing to read about an idea in a book, and it’s quite another to put that idea into practice and start living it.  Last night, as I prepared to sell some clothes on eBay, I took a picture of a hoodie that says on the emblem on the lower back, “Practice what u preach.”  At the top of the emblem it says the words, “Guilty as fuck.”

Go figure!  Very rarely do any of us practice what we preach and live congruently with the words, values, and beliefs that we spout so freely.  It is very easy to say one thing and yet do another.  Especially if one hasn’t learned the wisdom through direct experience, making positive change for the Greater Good is a rare feat.  Sometimes positive change only results from extreme amounts of pain, and that’s when experiences finally teaches us our wisdom.

Alas, the Truth!

Smile.  Whatever the Truth is, I’m pretty sure smiling is somehow connected to it.

Jesus said, “You shall know the Truth and the Truth shall set you free.”  Or at least, those are words found in some Bible, somewhere, presumably.  Tricky business is writing about the Truth.  Every word (nearly) is subject to scrutiny!

Whatever the Truth is, I imagine it yields an overall sense of Goodness, or as Jesus calls it, Freedom.

At this very moment, if you’re feeling Good and Free, maybe even Light and Loving, then hey – you might be well on the way to the Truth!  Assuming the Truth yields Goodness might be a stretch, but I’m going with it based on personal experience, which as I discovered, is the truest grounds for any sort of claim.

I realize now that it might make more sense to talk about truth with a lowercase T.  I think truth leaves a bit more room for openness,  and truth is something carried by each individual at all times, manifest in the form of physical action and how each of us choose to live our lives in each and every moment.  As I heard a spiritual teacher say to a student once, “You want to know what you most truly believe about reality?  Let me follow you around for a day and I’ll tell you what you believe.  Because how you live your life says more about what you believe than any words you can speak.”

Beliefs and truth, truth meaning personal truth derived from all of your life experience.  What are your beliefs?  What is your personal truth?  What do your actions say about your fundamental beliefs about reality?

Sometimes I think the journey of life is the journey of utilizing our experience, wisdom, and truth to discover the jumbo Truth.  As we experiment and explore the world, our experience offers us all kinds of truth that we can apply to our lives to improve our well-being.  Ideally, along the journey, we connect with Truth, and then perhaps we discover the Freedom (Ultimate well-being!!!) that Jesus talks about.

Freedom, Lightness, Ease, Grace, Wisdom, Goodness, Compassion, Connection, Generosity, Openness, Playfulness, Cheerfulness, Unconditional Love and Acceptance, Joy, Peace – does Truth encompass these ideas? Are these ideals for all to experience?

What are your ideals?  What would your Heaven be like?  If you were the creator of the Truth, what would you want to be the Truth?

Live as though your Heaven is real, Here & Now.  “Fake it ’til you make it.”  Pretty soon, you might discover a lot of power and peace within.  That whole “Ask & Receive” thing might not be a bunch of malarkey after all.

My truth, as learned from personal experience, is that we can have anything we can ask.  To put it another way,  the thoughts I think create the reality I experience.  Every thought is really understood as a prayer (or request) for it, so the thoughts I think internally are continuously manifesting themselves in the world externally.  This means, among other things, that it’s important to train the mind so that it can focus on what I desire most (*cough* meditation *cough*)    Best part of all of this – is that ultimately I can choose the thoughts I think, meaning I can create whatever reality I desire.  And really, that’s kind of what I’d like Heaven to be like too.  🙂

What is your Heaven?