I’m currently living without money, so the last thing I’d want is any of your own.  I’ve pretty much come to accept that I have everything I need to enjoy my here and now.  Of course, we all do.  That’s the beauty of it.

Despite truly having everything we need to enjoy our here and now, some  people are actually lacking basic necessities like food and water, both of which money can help secure.  Many millions in this world live in poverty and would greatly appreciate your financial assistance in aiding with their basic survival.  That’s right…basic survival.  The abundance we live in America is completely absurd relative to the state of Africa…but hey!  Such is life.  And we can change the world by changing ourselves.  It all starts with you.

One of my favorite charities is which goes to feeding starving people in Africa. The cool part about this charity is that your money goes directly to providing sustainable means for the village to grow.  For example, you can buy  a chickens, a goat, or even a water well that will be donated to an impoverished village.

If you want to help fight poverty in America, you can always support Samaritan Inn Ministries, which provides food and shelter to hundreds of homeless people in the Winston-Salem area. Every penny counts!  You can learn more about them and share the wealth at:

The best donation I think any of us can give, however, is our time and our love.  Time is such a greater gift than money.  Few things are more valuable than feeling a personal connection with another living being who truly cares about you.

One of the beautiful things about the technological world we live in is how easy it has become to give.  Now, we can donate food to people around the world and help protect endangered species with the simple click of a button.  It only takes a few seconds, yet it makes a difference, especially when we all work together!  Donate some time to and witness the beautiful simplicity of donating your gift of a click online – no money required!

Also, if you want a most definite win/win for donating your time, check out  This site is awesome!!! Not only do you donate 10 grains of rice for every question you get right, but you also get smarter.  Talk about cherishing the gifts given to you at birth and also serving the greater good – woot woot!

If you want to donate something to me specifically, because for whatever reason you think the other causes are not worthy of whatever resources you were going to donate, then just give the next person you pass on the street a friendly smile and maybe even an enthusiastic, “Hi!”  You will likely make their day and mine as well.  I will definitely feel the love you share with that person.  Bonus points for a high-five.

Better yet, donate some time to yourself.  Spend just a minute in silence – simply breathing.  If you are ambitious, try three minutes…simply breathing.  You can up the ante whenever you feel comfortable.  This is a practice I’ve been doing more and more recently, and find it brings me great levels of peace, enjoyment, and awareness of the true goodness of the world.  Silence is golden, and it is a treasure to share it with yourself.  Even better, share it with the family!  The best things in life are free.

Prayers are also a fantastic gift to share with anyone.

The Beex Foundation is currently accepting charitable donations via this website. The Beex Foundation works to create a healthier, happier, and more peaceful world by sharing the wonderful practices of meditation, yoga, and mindfulness. It also pursues creating a more wonderful world for all by sharing educational and uplifting writing and audio online. To learn more about how to get involved with the Beex Foundation, you can email Also, to donate to the foundation, please click below! Your Abundance of Goodness is always appreciated and received in Love and Gratitude 🙂

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