Trust Your Self

You know.

Beyond words and ideas, concepts and opinions, labels and judgments, you know.

Whatever your body or any body says is incomplete and therefore ultimately untrue.   Your silence is the Truth.

Knowing beyond ‘scientific knowing,’ that’s what it’s all about.

You have the ability to experience Truth directly, and this experience requires no words or description of any kind.  It is pure subjectivity.

Trust the experience above all else.  The experience is Reality.

Know beyond all the words and the labels.

The Truth that forever abides in the silence is the same Truth as to who and what you really are.

As the Vedas suggest, whatever is changing isn’t real.  People and words, thoughts and opinions, are not real.  Rumors are not real.  Only the unchanging is real.  Only that which is permanent is Real.  The impermanent is dust and to dust it shall return!

How useless it is to get attached to or concern ourselves with the things that are impermanent.  Anything physical is already in the process of decay.  It will be gone soon enough – why get so attached to it and let thoughts about it cause you pain and suffering?  Better to be free from that which is impermanent, and give our sole attention to that which is Unchanging and Permanent.  Because the Unchanging and Permanent, that we can always rely on :-)

David R. Hawkins writes that the ultimate aspiration is to strive to know God.  So i figured, why not make it my #1 purpose/mission/goal to know God?

It’s a tricky goal to progress towards because it’s so intangible, and in that way, so Permanent!  God, being Omnipresent, is available to One and All of Us moment-to-moment, so progressing towards such a goal is a realization that would occur in one moment, and perhaps another, and another, and so on.  Knowing God is really the same as living in the Absolute Reality of the Highest Truth of the Present Moment, living in and with that Divine Consciousness and Awareness.

Speaking personally, one mental strategy i’ve employed on this quest is to replace any negative or wandering thoughts with a reminder of the goal, to know God.  And it’s been somewhat amusing to witness how little matters when placed in the context of God.

With the goal being to know God, so many thoughts reveal their useless nature.  Ultimately, it seems like thoughts are part of the ego which draw us away from the Present Moment.  Many thoughts are either about the past or the future, or they are more intellectual musing about the nature of something (i.e. opinions).  So the thoughts don’t really assist in knowing God, but rather the mind thinks as a rather futile attempt to discern the True Nature of Reality.

As i read recently, there’s nothing the mind can do to know God.  No mind is going to think its way to God.  Because thoughts are relatively time-bound, and God is infinite and totally beyond space and time, the two don’t exactly go together.

However, a thought about the goal of ‘knowing God’ can be helpful.  Why?  Such a thought can essentially move the mind into a state of surrender.  Or, as David R. Hawkins also writes, one of the most powerful thoughts a person can have is, “To Thee, O Lord, I do devote life itself.”  The Lord is with us, and when the mind gravitates around such a thought, it goes quiet.  Because, on some level, the mind knows the Lord is Present, and when making this statement basically surrenders whatever else.

If a mind proclaims the goal to know God or to devote life itself to God, a Higher part of our being knows that nothing physical needs to be done for such a goal/desire to fully realize itself, for God is Present, Always :-)  Because of this, we can experience surrender of everything time-bound (including all thoughts), and begin to experience more fully the True Nature of God.

So then…we can surrender everything to God.  Devote everything to God.  Desire to Know God.  Any of these thoughts have the power to release all other thoughts, and then we abide in the Reality that is Omnipresent, Omniscient, and Omnipowerful.  i’d also like to throw in the adjective of Omni-Good and Omni-Loving, although maybe those qualities are implied and are just this ego wanting to express itself ;-)


Gloria in Excelsis Deo :-)

Cultivate Pure, Selfless Desires

“Prepare yourself with purity and selflessness.”

As we become more powerful, realizing our True Nature, we will slip back and lose the ground gained if our increased realization of Power is not accompanied with purity and selflessness.  With whatever we do, however we are, it is most important to stay centered in Love and Giving – to stay centered in that which is pure and selfless.

How do we cultivate pure and selfless desires?

If you write down, “What do i desire most?”  You can add to the question, “What do I desire most, for everyone and everything?”

When whatever you want for yourself, you want for all, then you can trust you’re abiding in purity.

In the context of wanting for One and All, wanting things like healthy food and a body of optimum strength, a clear, calm mind, and generally good feelings – all make sense!  From one level, those can be perceived as selfish desires, but ultimately those desires are good for everyone.  And let us remember Gandhi’s counsel, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”  Instead of waiting for the world to change, change yourself (yourself meaning the behaviors of your mind/body).

And what’s the greatest thing any one of us can do for all of us?  Realize God!  Become Enlightened!  Think of the wonderful impact Jesus, Buddha, Krishna, and so many enlightened beings have had on humanity.  Their pure, loving, selfless example inspires countless millions, and they show us how to truly live as a human, and how to know God.

So, if you want to serve the Highest Good of All, know God :-)

The best part about intangible desires, such as the desire to know God, is that they are realizable in this Moment!  God is, after all, omnipresent – everywhere present – including right here, right now.  You can know God now!  Wow…

So if you take a deep breathe, smile, express gratitude, you might suddenly move much closer to knowing God in this Holy Instant.

And as you know God, you abide in Supreme Love and Peace, and you realize that there is actually nothing to desire, because The Very Best is with you Here and Now, Always and Forever.  In the desireless state, you infinitely Love whatever is before you, in all its Fullness – unlimited, unbound.  You are Free!  One of the ultimate freedoms is the freedom to Unconditionally Love and Enjoy, no matter what – and that is our birthright, available to us each and every moment.

Pure, selfless desires benefit One and All, and they do not bind us.  Selfish desires can bind us and get us caught in negative emotions.  That which is pure frees us :-)



Hallelujah :-)

“As the mind, so the man; bondage or liberation are in your own mind.”

For entertaining the ego, the Sanskrit saying is, “Mana eva manushyanam karanam bandha mokshayoho.”

As the Zen teachings say, Heaven or hell are only 1/10th of an inch apart.

One of the greatest teachings to help us live fulfilling lives in these human bodies is that we have the power to choose our attitude, and change it if it is not serving us and bringing us the experience we desire.  Attitude!

We can choose our attitude.  Similarly, we can choose whether we perceive this world as more of a Heaven or as more of a hell.  It is our choice.  And ultimately this choice is made moment-to-moment.  Every moment counts!

Choose wisely.  Choose lovingly!

Love is the answer.  A loving attitude returns Peace.  Cheers to Peace!

And cheers to that which grants us the awesome power to choose our attitude, to choose between Heaven or hell.  What a gift!

Hallelujah :-)

Whatever You Perceive, Whenever You Perceive It, is Divine

It’s all Divine!

So even if you find nagging thoughts, now there is Divinity in them.  Even negativity, there is Divinity in that.

Or, as Dogen says, “Just see whatever is in front of you as the Buddha.”

Whatever you’re perceiving, you can affirm, “Thought art the Buddha!  Thought art Divine!  Thou art Holy!  Thou art Perfect for me.”

Affirm the Goodness :-)  Negativity is an illusion.

God is watching! God is watching me! God is watching over me!

Mmm.  How comforting!

One of the primary qualities of God which it seems every religion agrees on is Omnipresence.  Additionally, Omniscience.

That means,  God is Everywhere Present, and God knows All.

That means, there is an Eye from which nothing is hidden.

There are ultimately no secrets.

Nothing is hidden!

This can be frightening at first, but alas!

Another quality of God just might be Infinite Mercy – meaning we are unconditionally forgiven, no matter what!  And ultimately, there is nothing to forgive, for all merely do the best we can, given what we know.  We are all ignorant!  Remembering this makes forgiveness easy.

And, given that nothing is hidden, that God sees all and knows all, what does this mean for us?

It means, let us start learning from our mistakes and correct our supposed shortcomings.  Let us strive to always do and be better!  To offer more and more to God and to the Highest Good of All!

Dedicate more and more.  Live a purer and purer life.  Be real.  Practice radical self-honesty!  Take a fearless moral inventory.

Imagine yourself living a totally holy, pure, loving, godly life, whatever that is to you – what actions might call for changing in this context?  What thoughts and behaviors might be done away with? What desires would be released, if you were living a full holy, loving, peaceful, joyous life?

Let us all strive to live as best we can and learn our lessons!  True self-love is learning from our mistakes the first time, and not ever repeating them again.  Let us Love by learning and growing :-)


Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

Do You Want to Wake Up?

Imagine you’re having a nightmare.  A monster is chasing you or whatever else, and you’re terrified.  Then, a bright light flashes and someone appears – a heavenly figure – and they ask you, “Do you want to wake up?”

What’s your answer? “Yes! Absolutely Yes!”

But really, what do you want to wake up from?  And what do you want to wake up to?

If you were waking up to a reality that was as terrifying as the dream, you probably would be indifferent as to whether or not you woke up or not.

So what do we really want to wake up to?

We want to wake up to that feeling of safety!  To that feeling of security, to that feeling that we have nothing to fear!  We want to wake up to that feeling that we are safe, supported, and loved.  Ultimately, we want to wake up to that feeling of unconditional safety – the feeling that no matter what happens – we are safe.

This is Awakening.  This just might be Enlightenment.  Realizing that no matter what – we are safe.  Of course, this can be true if we realize we are much more than physical bodies.  If we are Pure, Infinite Spirit, then yes – of course we are always safe!  Only when we forget who and what we really are do we experience such sensations as fear and anger and worry.

So what’s the key to waking up and staying awake?  Remember who and what we really are!  Realize that you and i and all are so much more than what we might appear to be.  The physical senses can only experience so much.  There is much to this Creation that is unseen and unperceived by us, and yet it is probably realer than anything we do perceive.

The Vedas suggest,  “Whatever changes, isn’t real.”  Then, what doesn’t change, and what is real?  The Eternal, the Everlasting, the Infinite.  And perhaps, that is what we really are.  After all, why not?  We might as well entertain such a promising, loving, pure notion :-)

So let’s wake up from the illusion of our fears and worries and anxieties!  Let us realize and always remember who and what we really are.

Hallelujah :-)

Wake up to an eternal feeling of unconditionally safety.  Safety without conditions – that is our birthright and reality.  Who is to say otherwise?

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!

“You have been blessed with a human birth…” – Shankaracharya

“You have been blessed with a human birth, which is difficult to attain.  Don’t waste the precious moments of our life in pursuit of sensual pleasures.”

Ahh yes.  Sensual pleasures can be so sweet, literally, in the short-run, but do they ever last?  Of course not!  The sensual is so fleeting.  Even when it comes to cake, short-run it is so delicious.  Yet, long-run, what happens?  Disease, perhaps excess weight, discomfort in the body, clouded thinking, addiction, cravings, etc.  Who wants that?!?!

The thing about sensual pleasures is they’re so easy for us to understand because their so called benefit is experienced immediately.  You eat cake and you enjoy it immediately.  You listen to wonderful music and you feel better.  Maybe you do drugs or gamble or have sex and sure you feel great for a moment…but what almost inevitably happens later?  Crash!  Cravings!  Addiction!  Attachment!  Ah, how miserable.

As someone once said, “Virtue is its own reward.”  When we live with virtuous, we care for people, we live with love, and our lives are oriented towards giving.  These ways of being are all long-run investments, and they are enjoyable in the short-run as well.  Some activities, such as exercise or study or meditation, might not always be enjoyable in the short-run, but if we remember the long-run benefits, then certainly we can enjoy them ever step of the way.

Being in a human body, it is easy to enjoy the sensual.  But isn’t the reward so much greater when we embrace a challenge and grow?  We are, after all, here to grow, to learn, to expand, to evolve!  To advance, advance, advance!  And one primary way of describe our development is an ever-increasing value of the long-run and decreasing value of short-run, fleeting pleasures.  When we live with a consideration of the long-run, we make better choices for ourselves and for everyone.  The choice of Love always works, short-run and long-run.  And sometimes, aligning with Love might result in eating cake, yet what it probably won’t result is deliberately going out of our way to eat cake and cookies every evening for dessert.  Love is oriented towards giving, towards sharing, to what’s good for everyone and everything in the long-run.  Love is generosity.  Love is kindness. Love is all the goodness!

So let’s cherish this experience in a human body and live for the long-run!  Let’s live with Love, for Love, in Love, ideally with everyone and everything!  Let us release our attachments and cravings for short-run sensual pleasures and embrace the long-run, truly fulfilling activities that awaken us all more fully to Ever-Present Love, Peace, and Joy.

Hallelujah :-)

Remember – inch by inch, everything is a cinch.  There is no rush. Baby steps, baby steps, baby steps.  The thousand mile journey begins with a single step.

Gloria in Excelsis Deo!