Responsibility and Your Power to Choose.

What you focus on is what you create.  What you give your attention grows.

Your thoughts create reality!  Wahhhh.  Craziness!

Anything that you can perceive in physical reality first existed as a thought in the form of an idea.  Everything begins as an idea.  So if you want to experience a life of greater health, happiness, harmony, friendship, contribution, prosperity, success, and fulfillment, you’ve got to begin with thinking about your ideal life.  See it in the mind’s eye.  Or write out the details of it.  Feel it.  Invest your energy into experiencing in your imagination, and soon enough you’ll realize it in your physical reality.  Everything begins in thought, so start where you are now and dream away!  Dream of your abundant life where you have everything you need and more and are contributing in wonderful ways to the highest good of all humanity and Mother Nature and this wonderful Universe.  See yourself as your Highest, your Ideal of all Ideals, write it down, focus on it, and slowly but surely you’ll move in that direction and realize it’s fulfillment step by step.  The more energy you give to the good you desire, the more of that good you will experience.  Likewise, if you give your energy and attention to negative qualities about yourself or people or the world, then that’s what you’ll experience.

Your experience is entirely in your control.  Accept this responsibility for you to choose what you focus on create the reality of your dreams 🙂  Please, for all of us!  Thrive and flourish.  The very best this world has to offer is your birthright.

The Universe wants you to have what you desire, which is why it is constantly listening to your thoughts and feelings and returning exactly what you focus on.  The Universe gave us the gift of free will to choose our thoughts and to choose what we give our attention to, so it assumes that we’ve accepted this responsibility and are consciously thinking about what we desire, and thus the Universe goes to work to bring us the fulfillment of all of our thoughts and feelings.  Especially the thoughts we hold with more powerful emotions like love and gratitude and reverence, the Universe loves to fulfill those thoughts quickly and easily.  Why?  Because when we think about anything with an attitude of love and gratitude and reverence, ultimately that attitude is projected upon a microcosm of the Universe, so the Universe receives that as Love and Gratitude and Reverence towards Itself, which it is.

The more you adapt an attitude of gratitude and love, deeply appreciation all Life brings to you, the more you are expressing your love to the creative force that brings you Here & Now in this Present Moment, and the more that creative force receives your love and mirrors it back to you in abundance.

Speaking of mirrors, the Universe is a mirror!  Meaning, anytime you judge another, you are ultimately judging yourself.  Even better, whenever you give your love fully and completely to another, you are acknowledging the love that is in you.  The good you see in people is a reflection of the good that is in you, so by all means – keep seeing the good in all people.  See everyone for the creative genius and child of God that they are and love them completely no matter what.  Give as much love as you can as often as you can, and living this way you’ll likely never need to concern about your personal needs again.

Our responsibility as human beings is to our thought which creates our feelings which catalyze our actions.  We have the power to choose our thoughts, thereby creating our feelings and generating wonderful actions unfolding in the Universe.  Choose thoughts of love and the Universe will abundantly support you in all your endeavors, as it always has 🙂


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