How to be Happy

“Who will be the happiest person?  The one who brings happiness to others.” – Sri Swami Satchidananda

“The Dedicated ever enjoy Supreme Peace.”

Live a life dedicated to bringing happiness to others, then you are assured happiness and Supreme Peace.  What could be better?

Question then becomes, what brings happiness to others?

Well, what brings happiness to you?  What brings happiness to me?

Perhaps a better question is, what disturbs your happiness? What disturbs my happiness?

Being criticized, judged, attacked –  being preached to without being asked – those are all ways in which others have disturbed my happiness in the past – so safe to say that if I want to promote the happiness of others – it might best for me to abstain from criticism, judgments, attacking people, preaching to people who don’t ask, etc.  (Thankfully the readers here are voluntary and under no obligation to stay ;-))

So then, dedicating to bringing happiness to others – thereby enjoying Supreme Peace and Happiness – I’m committed to practicing non-judgment, non-harm (physically, verbally, emotionally), and abstaining from preaching without being asked to do so.

What else?

Well, I could look at ways in which I seem to disturb my own happiness. If my own happiness is disturbed, how could I bring happiness to others?  So it would make sense to commit to abstaining from anything that I do that disturbs my own happiness, which generally includes acts of selfishness which could look like greediness, gluttony, lust, anger, hoarding, laziness, etc. and at the same time, it is only the ‘judging’ quality that leads to the disturbed state of happiness.  For example, eating more than the belly calls for to feel full isn’t a problem until the mind comes in and labels it as greedy or gluttonous, thereby placing it in some negative category, so really the primary practice might just be non-judgment.

Mmm, I can already start to feel the massive relief of truly letting go of all judgments.  To let go of any sense of knowing anything, what a relief!  Ahhh, it’s like I can just be now and relax.  I can unclench the mental fist and open up to the light.  I can just look at the table in front of me without labeling it this way or that, but just allowing its intrinsic beauty to shine forth.  And even if the table was to bark back at me saying it needs a cup of coffee, I would be in such a state of relaxation and peace that it wouldn’t alter my experience of peace.

The key then, is to own our own power and be the change we want to see in the world!  To bring happiness to others, we don’t actually have to focus on bringing happiness to others.  To bring happiness to others, we focus on being happy ourselves, and naturally that happiness radiates and benefits all humanity.  Dedicated to the happiness of others, we prioritize our own happiness above all else, with an awareness that we are all connected, and as one’s level of consciousness is lifted, the entire field of consciousness rises up simultaneously.  One enlightened sage counterbalances the negativity of thousands if not millions – so it is a great gift to humanity to stay committed on the spiritual path, aspiring nobly to perfect the relationship with God and to love everything to the fullest.  And, as we’ve heard, virtue is its own reward!  As Swami Satchidananda would say, “Love for the sake of love, because loving makes you happy.”

A beautiful truth of reality: the most selfish person is also the most selfless.  Truth is, we all seek happiness, and when we awaken to the truth that the happiness is present within us always, then we prioritize staying connected with that happiness above all else – which sounds incredible selfishness – but when we also embrace the reality that we’re all connected, then remaining connected with our own happiness is also the greatest service we can render to benefit everyone.  So, being in a pure state of happiness is both a selfish and selfless act.  We don’t even have to decide.  We can be selfish for our own peace and happiness, and that in and of itself benefits all of mankind.


What keeps us from our happiness?

Thinking that happiness is something to gain outside of ourselves.  The ego survives by seeking pleasure and gain externally, but when we own the spiritual reality that all the very best including infinite peace and happiness is present within us at all times and is our true nature, then we free ourselves from the illusory seeking of pleasure and gain in the world.  A little sincere effort will quickly reveal that happiness is a state of awareness, and not something that comes from experience in the world.  Just sit, with an intention to experience happiness, and very soon happiness reveals itself.  Beautifully, you can also simply ask, “What serves the Highest Good?”and align with offering whatever you can in this very moment to serve the highest good, and notice the increased feeling of radiance, which you could label happiness or something even greater.  Either way, happiness doesn’t come from cake or cash.  It is with us always, and if we just give a little attention to it, we become aware of it.

If you want happiness, think about it and focus on it, and relax in the truth that happiness is not gained externally, but is ever-present within you.


Gloria in Excelsis Deo!


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